Thursday, October 6, 2016

Judy Garland - On The Atchison, Topeka And The Santa Fe and Revival of Western Culture on Mars..10/6/16

This isn't a Vampire Wonderland episode, just something I like and want to talk about. If you read all or part of the EL RANCHO TEXACO story-arc on here you know what it is.

I'm talking about the settling of Mars and what kind of culture I'd like to see for the place. No dry government issue, green metal desks and furniture for me, or whatever passes for that junk a little later on in the 21st century. I want a continuation of the last time we settled so much new territory. I want an homage to The Old West.

Sure it'll be a little terra-formed by then... a bit more moisture... maybe some varieties of Mars-appropriate sage grass... river-like canals... Dust Devils dancin' on the flatlands. And all dressed up with Old West place names like Durango, Hole In The Wall, Silver City, Shiloh and Dancin' Lady.

Rivers (they DO have some) called The Yellow Ribbon, Red Snake River, The Little Egypt... You get the picture.

Land holdings will be called ranches and the roads knitting it all together will have names like El Camino  Real, The Lewis & Clark Highway (called the L.C.)...

Buses 'tween settlements will be called stages. Space craft toting, settlers out Mars Way will be named after the Great Western Train Lines... The Union Pacific... THE POTOWATOMI Express...and the legendary ATCHISON TOPEKA & THE SANTA FE

If they do Mars up like this. If it don't have no 'numbers' for road names. If they let the place have romance and atmosphere, they'll get it all peopled up in no time.

Wouldn't you like to have your own little South Fork on a world like that... or maybe a Ponderosa?

The West will live again.... if we let it.
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That's it.... Something to think about...

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