Friday, November 4, 2016

Cats: 1- Overture ... Giacomo the Vampire Kills Just Like An Alley Cat.. 11/4/16

Just before dawn, the vampires went to bed. Baylah and her mortal boyfriend retired to their specially darkened suite upstairs and the others (just Jonathon and Giacomo, actually) made do with quilts and sleeping bags in the windowless storage room behind the garage. Giacomo said the chill, painted, cinderblock walls reminded him of a tomb. Jonathon said - Listen. The surf. I can hear the ocean. I've never slept by the sea before. Did cross the ocean 'melded' to a whale once, the old fashioned traditional way. You ever do that?... No - said the newcomer. This is the first time I've ever been here. Giacomo comes to The New World. Wow. That's a New World term, isn't it?.... Definitely - said Jonathon... Then they fell asleep, lulled by the pulse of the sea.

Later, that evening, Baylah came down to wake them. There were towels and toiletries in two of the en suites upstairs. Night-folk rarely perspire much, or shed excess oils, but they do tend to be fastidious, save for the most feral types and considering their semi-coldblooded natures steamy showers are very much appreciated. But let's gloss over the details. Baylah had a closet filled with the necessary smart, trim clothing favored by vampire guests, so they dressed, met for weak tea in the kitchen. The wealthy, mortal boyfriend greeted everybody over a plate of rigatoni Bolognese (he more or less kept to vampire hours but ducked out for a nice walk and lunch most afternoons). Giacomo said - I remember that from my mortal days, except tomatoes hadn't yet made their way into our fare. We used eggplant instead... Baylah went - Good, now we know. The driver's out side. Go. He'll come back for us later. Jonathon, you have your phone? It's charged? You have my number?.... He nodded. that was it. They left.

The driver, a trusted 'familiar.' Helped them into the car, a big, black, shiny B.M.W. and they were off, straight down Atlantic Avenue and into Atlantic City and The Borgada  maybe fifteen minutes to the north. Just as they snaked up the landscaped drive to the entrance, Giacomo jumped out of the car and said - I need to kill somebody. You know how it is. Find you later..... and he ran off through the bushes. Just like that. Real fast. He was gone.

A few minutes later he spied a fat pimp haranguing two skinny hookers down a narrow scuzzy street (every town has a narrow, scuzzy street. what are you gonna do about it?) and heads right for him. Pimp thinks he's a cop, or a racketeer in his black leather sport coat and tight jeans and all. Vampires got an image too, you know. Waits for Giacomo to talk first. Only thing is Giacomo don't say nothing. Just grabs his head (one hand on each side and breaks his neck. First hooker goes - Eeeek! (like a little mouse) and skitters away. Hooker number two claps her hands and laughs. Even pees a little. Don't run away, or scream, or nothing. Watches as Giacomo lowers that still breathing, foamin' at the mouth pimp down onto the dirty concrete and proceeds to tear open his neck. She kicks his knee a little and says - Yo, mister, you a vampire?.... Giacomo, deeply chugging blood, manages to mumble a low 'uh huh.'... She goes - Can I get his watch?... The vampire finishes, belches and goes - No, watch comes to me. You get the ring.... She gets down and yanks it off, just as the body ignites into the signature 'cold' blue flame and disappears. She jumps back and goes - Wow! Look at that!.... But Giacomo is already gone.

She watches the flame burn out, leaving nothing but a greasy residue and goes - Goodbye, you lousy pimp... Then she sticks the ring on her thumb and tip-taps (high heels) away.

Look, even if somebody peeked out a dried up, old plastic window shade and saw something on that street, they ain't gonna say. They ain't gonna say nothin'. They just gonna 'live' and that's it...

Giacomo comes to America....

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