Monday, January 2, 2017

The Georgia Guidestones & What Our Vampires Know About Them.. 1/2/17

Oh, it would be less burdensome if I could say this in Vahmperigo or another of our ancient tongues. But I want you to know and understand. There have been whispers... All over the Earth, people wonder. Some have seen the actual site. Others have read accounts... a prophecy... a new age... Not since the Titans gave way to the Olympians have we seen such a thing. And if a life-eater speaks of it you know it's true. We are old. We know.

Your Jonathon fights his own internal battles. He reads his Scriptures and listens to sacred music. That one so wants to change the world. But wanting and doing are not the same. While his consort, Sarah, simply goes about each night doing what she can. Some people die. Some are saved. Maybe the world still inches toward salvation? Progress is slow, yet so is geological erosion. Yet the outcome is unmistakable.

I am The Khan, an old life-eater from the Plain of the Ganges. I lack the years of 'Papa' or 'The Lady Renate.' Perhaps in your Vampire Wonderland wanderings you've stumbled upon them? But my years are not measured in eons, though five thousand passes 'round the sun is long enough. And all that time I have never seen it. The sun, I mean... Imagine that.... Think on it. Think of what it's like for a Hindu soul, like me... So many wasted years spent in this body... one distorted lifetime stretching on toward God knows where. I have been walking down a vast unending gallery with no exits. How I hunger for release. How I want to move on. I can destroy myself. I can see the sun. I can stand in the fire. I can sublimate till the particles of my being are spread so fine any type of reversal is impossible and I blow away like smoke. But I will not do those things. I will not.

What I will do is tell you what I know. The Georgia Guidestones are real. The philosophy behind them is genuine too. Not that it will work. Not that humanity, or their version of it, will benefit, but the actions outlined on them will happen. In a few years approximately ninety two or ninety three percent of you will no longer exist. The worlds population will be rolled back to five hundred million souls. They have the means. They have the people. They're so brazen, they brag about it. You've been watching it for years. And while there'll be little flesh eating, something like 'zombies' will exist... for a little while....

What's this? You think you'll stop them? How will you do that? The truth is you'll be one of them. You'll put down your burdens and shuffle off like lemmings. The spark is already in you... the drug... the poison... the thing. Old people and young will all walk off, staring down at the ground, leading their little children, carrying babies. Remember The Time Machine? Remember the Morlocks and that piercing siren? Well, this time it'll be silent. They won't eat you. They'll just make you disappear. The acid will do that. There's an installation right near where you live. Probably been strolling by it for years. Don't worry. You'll see it. You'll jump right in.

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