Tuesday, November 15, 2011


there are many of us here. please excuse my mistakes. i am not very good with these devices. i touch as few keys as possible. no disembodied spirit channels passages through wilkravitz's fingers. i, jonathon, write this myself. those in charge make no communicative equipment available to us. the other vampires don't mind. most are of a certain age and computers are foreign to them. I fall into that group too but something made me different. i needed to connect. look at the assemblage of souls in my 'family.' we are human and vampire. and among the humans we have those you would call witches, in addition to representatives of long forgotten clans. thank god for our blog. thank god for that voice.

they keep us in underground bunkers. the walls are light tan. the floors are linoleum and slightly darker. ceilings are white and from what they tell me, the light comes from plain, translucent, rectangular fixtures called 'chicklets.' we sleep in little cells, not prison cells, more like monks' cubicles. no one has a roommate. there's a large, well stocked library for those who like to read. some play card games. we've all become addicted to the most wonderful assortment of aroma candles fashioned from oils and resins found only in the middle east.a few follow 'reality' shows. and if you can believe it, there are plans for a vampire talent show. Papa's going to do a magic act.

he sleeps somewhere else. they've identified certain old ones...... very old ones. my thousand years count as nothing. renate isn't here with us. she visits from time to time. she cooperates with the scientists and investigators . but she roams free.

physicians take small samples of our blood. they stockpile it. there's a collection of tiny glass vials in a laboratory two levels down. i suppose they're also searching for the so-called prometheus quark - that 'quantum' particle believed to be present in vampiric fluids and tissues. so now we're some kind of supermen.

most of the life-eaters here (a name we prefer to 'vampire') stick to the one feeding a month rule. and they confine themselves to 'unworthy' souls. but the authorities discourage us from planning our own menus. suggestions are made. victims are offered. i don't know who does the 'shopping.' i don't know where they find them. must be combing the whole world, because they come from all over. there's a circular, polished concrete chamber, rather like the pit we had back in philadelphia, or the one papa had in catalunia, when he first found me.

two individuals climb down into that space via a metal ladder affixed to the side. the victim goes first. his destroyer follows. scientific personnel observe from a 'theater-in-the-round' arrangement up above. i recognized one from the television. i saw her on nightline. the chinese are here too. they've got everyone. look, i'm not going to describe what happens in that pit, because it's humiliating. feeding is a very private thing to us. our hosts know this. they acknowledge it, but claim it's all necessary. our enemy is powerful. we have few potentially effective weapons. my brethren...the vampires, are one of them. every useful thing must be known. so we cooperate.

they're trying to obtain some enemy material. at this point it could be organic or inert. it doesn't really matter. experts want to learn how it will hold up to 'sublimation.' you know, what vampires do when we pass through solid matter. on earth, sublimating through a mortal human destroys them. the 'body' retains its shape for a heartbeat or two before raining down to the ground in a torrent of watery gruel. I guess we'll be among the shock troops....... that's why lailah is out there right now.....oh, god, why did they send her?

i know. i know. i know. you want me to tell you about the well of souls. you remember what happened last night. but i'm not ready to do that now. and no, it's not back here in the complex with me. look, we're not prisoners. we do move about on the outside. they allow us a modicum of freedom. but keen, observant eyes are everywhere. and not all belong to 'friends.'

be patient. you'll find out. and if you can't wait, use your powers. humans have them. telepathy, i mean. don't deny what you know to be true.....Scottosh beedosh....Beedosh boposht... Boposht skeedosht.... see the truth...know the truth....do the truth...........or something like that........look, i know old andalucian, classic hebrew and aramaic and two dialects of vahmpeerigo (vampiric tongue), not to mention english.....isn't that enough.

now let me stop. i have to find sarah......


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