Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Book of All Things New

The elves and cherubs flit about the city. They witness everything. A few of the smallest cherubs happened to be swooping and diving through the heights of the Wells Fargo Center just as the lights went out? What were they doing there? Well, they can sense the presence of evil and being such innocent souls they do their best to thwart it. The death toll would have been much higher. But quick, unseen, timely, little blood kisses planted on the lips of the injured did the trick. And some families will have their nearest and dearest with them this Yuletide who otherwise would not. I predict that these tiny wonders will be invaluable and a great help in the 'righting' of our corner of the universe....... I would so like to tell you more. But a trojan microbe or a bewitchment of some sort has insinuated itself into this machine. It seems the enemy is everywhere. So the voice of Zeb (me) must be silent for a bit. Perhaps I can go buzz.. into that wilkravitz person's ear and have him take this enchanted box to some powerful geek (like wizards) who can banish these tiny demons and make the ether safe for decent folk once more.....;

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