Friday, December 10, 2010

The Book of All things New

Edith is a lifeline. She can hear things. She tells us what is happening in the camp of our enemy. The young one, Annie, seems to be losing importance. The spirit riding her has increased in strength. The one known as The Shaky Hand Man is becoming physically able. That is not good. No, that is worse than not good. It is a catastrophy. How can I explain it to you? Picture it this way. Imagine the regimes of Nazi Germany, or Stalin's Soviet Union, or the Realm of Ghengis Kahn. Contemplate the abominations committed by evil minions, willing human minions. Then add in the possibility of natural catastrophies of shall we say Biblical proportions. And the Shaky Hand Man is smart. He knows where to get the most bang for his buck. We all have a feeling, not just Edith, that his dream is to be able to weaken the very foundations of a great mountain, a volcano, in the isles off the north west coast of Africa. I believe it is known as Cubierta en Palmas. If the great peak explodes a landslide such as the world has never seen can give birth to monstrous tidal waves rising to the height of four hundred cubits, excuse me, six hundred feet. Mankind has not suffered the like since the last days of King Midas on the island of Crete. The east coast of the New World and the west coast of the Old World will become naught but memory. America will no longer be the Rome or Persian Empire of our age. The modern day descendants of Charlemagne's Western Empire will all die, as will the children of King Arthur. And new lords, brutal lords will march across the globe. Excuse my poetic tone. But a one thousand year old Andalusian grown up in the Caliphate of Cordoba  has his ways. I am Tomas. And I cannot help that. Now all this is just conjecture. All this may never occur. The Shaky Hand Man can be beaten. Is there a way to do it? Of course there is. Though we are not quite privy to it yet. Sarah retreats to her 'children' the elves and cherubs. She hugs them. She kisses them. She tells them stories. She tucks them in each dawn and in all ways has become the perfect mother. They taste her blood and she tastes theirs. And Baylah has become reunited with her own mother, at least in the spiritual form. The old queen sings to her. She guides her. And Baylah has made a few fortuitous kills in the last few nights. Yes, she does venture out. Yes, she has been taking a victim every night. No, she does not rely on visions, but rather on her own heart beating in her own breast. And the level of evil has diminished in the world, or our part of it. Sarah and I were instructed to do the same. That was the message of the Red Paint Man. Some of his brethren, along with a few of the Piney's have trickled into the city. Edith acts as our 'telephone operator.' She uses her abilities to keep open the lines of communication. We must discover a way to weaken our adversary. It was done in the past. It must be accomplished here. Remember, we are only 'pretending' that this is all fiction. Do your part. All of you. Do you have a part? Of course you do. Remember the words of Edmund Burke -- All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing...... I really do not like to go all scriptural on you, but I feel that I must. Remember the words of Moses our Redeemer, who said, "I have given you this day The Good Doctrine. Chose life and live. Go and do good things.'......... Well, what are you waiting for?

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