Thursday, March 17, 2011


The ventilation system sucked out the miraculous vapor. But that was hardly necessary, for it melted back into the universe in and of itself. Papa stood there. A still sleepy Baylah wandered about smiling and petting the newly reconstituted life-eaters. Sarah spoke. She said - Why did you do this?....Papa wan't going to answer at first. Why should he be required to explain himself. He was reformed now. He had made ammends. That nobody, vampire bitch was whole again. Shouldn't it be enough? But her eyes bore into him. He swallowed and whispered - Because I was angry..... And although he never said it, she picked up the feeling that he was sorry.  And the elves joined hands to dance. Ah, such joyous, innocent creatures they are. The door opened. Doctor Franklin rolled in on his electric scooter. I don't know. Maybe he could have used a booster shot of Jonathon's blood, or perhaps he simply enjoyed controlling the nifty, little contraption. That's not the important thing. He smiled to all assembled there and came to a stop. Then he said - Is everybody happy?....They all just looked at him. Sarah and the little ones had not seen him before. They were unconscious to this world when brought in. So she said - who are you, sir? You seem familiar. Yet I cannot place you.......The old reprobate chuckled and smiled. He clapped his hands. One of the black suited minions quickly trotted in, snapped a hundred dollar bill out of his wallet and held it taut at both ends, right before her face. She stared at it, initially unable to understand his purpose. And then the 'light' went on and she knew........You're Benjamin Franklin? - she said......He nodded and chuckled some more......Albion, the elf prince abandoned the dance and went over to him. He sniffed the Doctor's face, licked his cheek and said - He is that venerable gentleman. I knew him long ago and this is the man.....Franklin held out his hand and the slim, 'young' immortal shook it. A suddenly alert Baylah came over and said - It's true. I know the face...,.....Another minion came in bearing two, brand new, carefully folded emerald green, Eagles' sweatsuits. He offered them to Papa and Baylah. The naked vampires casually pulled them on. Three minutes later the entire party, cherubs and all were gathered in another room, seated round a long conference table. Refreshments were brought in (fragrant aroma candles) and distributed to the life-eaters. Sarah was offered a 'cullable' victim, but she declined. and so they began to discuss things. Papa went along with this affrontery simply because he was curious. Let the old human ask his questions. Papa told him lies......Yet little did he know that the old human knew them as lies and relied not on the spoken word alone.....So they proceeded in this manner for a while. The cherubs flitting about like putti in an old Venetian palazzo. That was their trademark. They did it wherever they went. Indeed, actual cherubs (vampire babies and toddlers, I mean) inspired the painted and sculpted Renacemiento variety. Art imitates life, or after-life. I so easily become confused......But behind a locked door, in a quiet, shadowed place, the young doctorix was not confused. And she took in the everlasting gift from a temporarily beguiled Jonathon, while some within the complex witnessed with delight.....

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