Friday, March 4, 2011


She who made me stayed around for a few nights. But one dusk, she was gone. And I was all alone. What could I do. Where could I go? I went home. They wanted a life-eater and now they had one. Granted, I was not too experienced. Yet I grew into my powers by the hour. What did I do with the two left in the pit? What did I do with the two remaining people? I let them go. I helped them out. They thanked me and thanked me. They blessed me with prayers both old and new. I caught a few birds for them. Some type of primative, wild chicken, I think it was. And I even helped them roast it. They relaxed. You could see that they were relaxed. We talked and joked. We listened to the crickets. They told me they'd be heading back to their people in the morning. I told them I'd be starting home to mine soon too. And then they fell asleep, right there, completely exposed on the grass. I went back into the cave and put on my things. I stuffed a few mementos into a pouch. I don't know what. Just things to help me remember my transformation. It's odd, you'd think such things would be important to me. But I couldn't even tell you what they were. Probably little carvings or something. When I walked back to the 'picnic' spot, the two humans were still sleeping, bathed in the dim amber glow of the small fire. I studied them. What cunning live forms these humans were. Look at that. I'd already forgotten that I was once one of them. How fine their features are. Look at the hair, like mink, like silk. How....How.....appetizing. And then I did it. I did it fast. I did not want the other one to wake up. Oh! the blood tasted good! Now I know it's just as much the taking of the life as the drinking of the blood that sustains us. But I did not know that then. It was rich and yeasty and full of flavor. Did you ever tuck into an especially delicious piece of rare prime rib? You know the kind I mean. The juices run all salty and red. Well this was like that, only fresher. I suppose, technically, it is an act of cannibalism. True, I say I'm not a human, but look at me. What am I shaped like, a squid? Yet I felt no guilt, but only satisfaction. She was dead. I dragged her away behind a rock, so he wouldn't be bothered by the blue fire. Then I kicked him a little with my foot. He was groggy and asked about the other. He said - Where is she?......I said - I'm sorry, but an animal got her...... Though I could see by the look in his eyes that he knew. He was quiet. I said - Were you close to that one?.....He shook his head and mumbled - No, same clan. I have known of her since we were children, but no, we were not close........But he was a liar. I could feel in. And I simply turned away from him and started off on my journey..........I was dead to my old existence. I was executed. That was then and this was now......though I never expected the 'now' would last so long.

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