Thursday, March 3, 2011


We layed there, staring down into the pit. My eyes, my new eyes saw everything. It was still dark, yet secret nuggets of ambient light were everywhere. The minerals in the cave wall sparkled. The undulations in the natural rock threw shadows. I know the mortal people could not see. Their eyes saw as dead eyes. But I was different. And I saw everything. The woman, the life-eater who created me whispered. She spoke and said - Pick one. which will it be? Trust your inner spirit. You will know.... And I did know. Three mortal humans, all naked, cowered together against the far side of the pit. They could not see or hear us. And I'm sure our scent did not make any difference, because our scent was all over. But some other means of detection told them. They knew. Two were female. One,obviously, was male. The smaller female was mine. She was the one. Tonight she would die.  She who created me followed my gaze and said - Her?.... I nodded.....She continued - I thought so. You have a good eye for the evil doer you do. Poisoned her mate, that one did. And a good man too. Wanted a place in the headman's household. Not from here, naturally. My folks are all dead. But from close enough. I know her...... What do I do now? - I quietly asked.....You just leap down there and do it. Take her. Use your teeth. Are they 'in' yet? The wolf teeth, the cat teeth, the fangs I mean?.......I felt with my tongue and they were. I nodded and swallowed.......She whispered - Then do it.....I raised myself to a push-up position, leaned forward and lept. It was natural. It was easy for me. Those that do not know compare us to bats. But we are not like bats. We are much more like cats. And the humans screamed and clambered to get out. But the pit was deep, at least fourteen cubits. They had no hope. I snaked in among them and snatched the little one away. And when the other two realized they were 'safe' they collapsed onto the floor, heaving and clutching each other. The little one cried. She said - No, please. No, Please.....But I struck her across the face and yelled - That was your mate's hand you felt! And these teeth are the teeth of his ancestors!...... She spit. She cried. She scratched.She peed. But what could she do? Nothing. I shook her till she was senseless. And then I did it. I broke the skin and drank up her life. She whimpered a bit. But that was all. I can only imagine what the other humans thought. They could not see anything. It was all just sight, smell and commotion to them. Yet they sat there completely motionless and silent. When the mate killer fell to the ground, she ignited into a cold blue flame. I screamed. My creator shouted - Stop that! The 'righteous flame' cannot hurt you! Put your hand in it! Do it!......I did. And I was unburned. I drew my hand back and studied it. There was no mark upon it. The other two could see now. And they began to cry. The male uttered prayers with words I did not know. The female sobbed. My maker said - Come out from there. Jump! Grab the sides! It will be easy for you.......And it was. She grabbed me and kissed me. Then she bagan to cry. But she dried her tears with the back of her hand and said - Come with me....She lead me to a part of the cavern I had not seen before. A small water fall cascaded out from the rocks, falling down into a warm pool. It was a natural shower bath eminating from some hot spring. She said - Step into the holy waters and bathe.....I did. That's when my skin began to peel from my body. And the warm, mineral rich water helped wash it away......When I was done we walked out into the starlight and made love on the cool, fresh grass.......I was a vampire...though it would be thousands of years till I heard that word....But I was a vampire....And a vampire I remain.....

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