Saturday, April 23, 2011

LA CASA VIEJA...the old home

The waters of the Eastern Atlantic were cool and fresh. The summer heat had not yet begun to spill out from Africa. And the two young wolves of the sea cut through the waves with the strength of a pounding tempest. Light poured through the pliable, transparent barrier. Jonathon reveled in the clean, burning brightness. The spectacle was as new to him, for he had not seen it in centuries. Sarah's experience was somewhat different, as she still bore the tiny minute lines of last summer's tan. Schools of silvery, flying fish played all about them. And voices worked their way into his mind. Jonathon heard them. He heard one, in particular. He recognized the sound of it. A spirit voice? No, this one was different. It seemed to rise up from the heart of the great whale itself. And after a time...he knew it...Johannan,- he said. Is that you?.....There was a trembling silence, and then the reply....Yes, young master. It is I - said the voice........Where are you? - asked Jonathon......I am here. I am with you. I bear you up - answered the voice......And Jonathon knew that the voice came from within the whale itself. And he knew that the spirit of his faithful friend, the one who saved him from the Crusader fire so long ago, was the selfsame spirit of this great fish.. He cried. For he believed that all things happen for a purpose.  Then the voice died away. But he knew that he would be safe. And in this way they proceeded through the waters for two more days and two more nights, until the time came, an hour before the dawn, when it was over. Then the whales almost stopped and drifted toward the shore.  The protective membrane broke. And the two vampires were free. They kicked their legs and swam into the pounding surf.

Now the beach was empty. No others were witness, save the rugged hills in the distance . And Jonathon knew them. He remembered the place from his boyhood, as he rose up onto his feet. And he hugged Sarah and said - I am home. I have brought you to the place of my birth. Behold, the beauty of the Sepharad (seh-fah-RAHD). Behold the beauty of Andalusia. For we are in Spain. They began to walk through the moonlight, approaching a tiny campfire in the distance. A man was there, a thin man with clear, knowing eyes. He got up as they drew near and quietly spoke one word - Welcome. Then he held out a sack. Jonathon took it. And the man disappeared. Were they startled? No, their hearts accepted such things  as natural. Vampires move through magic as we move through the air. That's just the way it is. Sarah looked into the sack and found clothing and the two naked travellers began to dress. In the last moments before the dawn (the membrane no longer protecting them), they tumbled down into a small, winding secluded cave and slept, secure in the sheltering hills.

Word quickly spread among the life-eaters of the land. He is back. He is here. Tomas de Macabia (Jonathon ben Macabi) has returned. Now most were his friends. But enemies dwelt there too. And with the gloaming, as the sun went down, a young, human witch came forth to greet them. She carried an oud (old medieval, guitar-like instrument). And she passed it on to the 'young' vampirino. Then she laughed and danced and twirled, as he began to play.....

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