Friday, April 22, 2011


Things were quiet with the Chestnut Hill group. Quiet but tense. I guess it's because of Papa. He always gets that way around religious holidays. You see, he's so incredibly old, they don't effect him. And he only lets himself remember the scetchiest outline of his own people's beliefs. Jonathon's not there. Actually, he was the only one in the house following any  'organized' creed. Sarah was more or less culturally Protestant before her transformation. And Edith, although a Christian and  a good one, is a human. The Red Paint people? They're humans too. But their tribe or clan or whatever you want to call it is so old, they fall into the same category as Papa. Are they moral? Yes, they're moral. Are they loving? Of course they are. But all this Easter and Passover hoo-haa means nothing to them. It's just a big party that they're not invited to. No big dinners, or aroma candle parties in the case of the vampires. No inspirational observances. No memories with little ones. Just everyday life in a highly unusual situation.

But I have yet to mention the juvenile life-eaters. I have yet to speak of the elves and cherubs. True the youngest ones, the cherubs, know nothing of 'revealed truths.' They inhabit a realm quite innocent and pure. And., as you know, rarely, if ever, take a life. I suppose it's fair to say that they were the model  for what we read about in holy writ. They really ARE cherubs. The older ones, the elves, are a bit more complicated. They remember their past. They remember religion. And the memories are not often pleasant. For it was in the name of faith that they were sealed into casks and thrown into the sea. So, as children do, they distance themselves from such things. Are they aware of prayers? Are they aware of festivals? I guess so. But who invites them?

Now let me get to the other one. Twohundred and fifty years ago, when she was a slave, Baylah lived in a Protestant environment. And it wore away much of her Muslim past, but not all. She still remembered the unity of the Lord and the Revelation through Prophet Mohammed. She still remembered Holy Month and The Five Pillars. Was she free to practice? No. Those around her considered such things an insane affectation at best, and a demonic manifestation at the worst. Even now, she kept her creed to herself. Actually, she and Jonathon shared much. The overlap was asstounding. But slavery changed her. That's true in more ways than one. For it was her mistress who brought her over. So she talked to God in her own quiet way and sold alcohol to srtangers in a jewel-box, little bar.

Annie is a different case. She remembers things, like Easter egg hunts and mint jelly and Christmas trees and little Baby Jesus living in a rustic, little doll house with his Mama and her 'husband.' Does she miss them? Well, sometimes when she sleeps she does. For I've wriggled through her dreams and I know. Edith tries to include her. She'll give her a little Easter storybook. She tells her about the Bible and how she must always use her powers for good. But Annie doesn't get it. Look, she was messed up before she ever got here. Being a vampirina had nothing to do with it. Zebulon prays for that one. I'm trying to match her up with a good guardian angel. The one she was born with doesn't know what to do with her. Seems they don't teach much 'bout dealing with cases like that. She needs a heavenly defender well versed in 'special ed.'

So be glad and revel in the Season of Renewal deep within the warmth of your family. And remember us here in our commodious, glossy floored mansionette (not a McMansion) retreat. When you talk with God, make sure you send Him our regards. And tell him He's invited here whenever He feels like it.

I'll arrange for a disembodied spirit on the other side of the sea to fill you in on Jonathon and Sarah next time. Their killer whale chariots have passed the Azores and should be nearing the end of their duties. So joy to all and to all a good night...

Remember the Light that shines within you..........

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