Friday, May 6, 2011


Lo, behold. I relate the tale of Jonathon and Sarah. Afloat they were in the Eternal Sky, with no one save each other. Time was not time. And space was not space. Even the 'bottom' sides of clouds gave no clue,  for all were round and rich and full. And the light was not a light, but a radiance, eminating from all points. Their bodies drew it in and gave it off in equal measure.

But then there came a sound, a chord such as a Kashmiri master might have struck upon the royal sitars at the court of a Mogul King. And the universe (or this part of it) was changed. A shadow appeared in the region below our twosome's feet. It spread out, giving birth to a vast plain and the world was real once more. The clouds pulled together and darkened, til a soft rain began to fall.  Fresh growth softened the ground  and people snaked up from the soil, each dressed in a costume from their mortal life.

Sarah and her Andalucian princeling fell down with the droplets, splashing on the surface. They began to walk through this throbbing mass of souls, pushing their way passed knotted throngs of arguing individuals. She wore the clothes of her lifetime. He wore the garments of his, a long, fitted silk tunic, belted at the waist, trim,  riding britches tucked into close-fitting, fine leather boots. A voice began to whisper, a voice only they could hear. And it was the voice of the man with the short white beard.

He said - Witness the Reckoning of the Dead. Each who was wronged confronts the wrong-doer. And most play both roles, for who has not harmed others? ...Why are we not approached? Why are we not approaching others? - asked Jonathon........The voice said - Oh, you will, when your time is  up. But creation still wants you. This is not an end. It is a beginning. And if not of the first act, at least of the second. The same holds true for you too, Sarai (pronouncing the name in the original Hurrian manner.). So watch, observe and tell me what you learn.

They saw fighting and finger pointing and crying and sobbing. They saw denial and excuses and shame and guilt. Some resolved their differences and embraced. They laughed and smiled, walking off toward quieter places. Small children stood watching, wide eyed and fearfull, til claimed by loving relations. Radiant beings progressed through the people, occassionally pausing by hopelessly silent men and women. Angelic hands rested on trembling shoulders. People were lead away.

Where are they going? - asked Jonathon.......To a place of Hard Work. - said the voice. For they have much to do. They have much to make right. And then the plain was empty. All was quiet. But after a heartbeat or two a wind began to blow, scattering  the ashes of  old, forgiven wrongs.

The vampires were instantly transported to a room, a warm place with deep, velvet chairs. They sat before a welcoming hearth. And the man with the short white beard was there. He gave each a cool, silver cup filled with sweet, wine-like nectar. Jonathon hesitated. Sarah did too. The man just smiled and brushed their fears away. You can drink. You can eat. - he said. This is not your world. What you are there does not follow you here. When you were out on the plain, did the sunlight harm you?......Sarah smiled and laughed. And Jonathon saw the truth of it. So they drank and a few heartbeats later, when platters were brought forth , they ate.

What did they learn? Next time we'll find out. But answer me this...What did you learn?.....

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