Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Jonathon and Sarah walked across the vast, glossy floor, their bare feet padding on the cold, smooth surface. The man with the short, white beard smiled. He shook Jonathon's hand. For Sarah he had a curt, respectful nod.  He said - Well, now it begins. Would you care for any clothing?.......Yes please, - said Sarah. The breeze off the sea is quite chilly........And at that instant they were wrapped in the finest, light woolen, Alexandrian style garments. Snowy tunics fastened at the shoulder, topped by warm, soft cloaks, well made, lace- up sandals. The protection provided was quite comforting. Jonathon looked around the expansive, classic enclosure. Oh, he knew where they were...or where they were supposed to be......The Great Library of Alexandria, am I right? - he said.......Yes - answered the man with the short white beard. We find this space to be quite inspirational. The Ptolemies spent many hours here.........But it burned. There was a fire. It's been gone for over two thousand years? - asked Sarah.......The man just laughed politely and said - Gone? What thing is ever really truly gone.? Come, let us be seated......And they were. The table was long and highly polished. The three of them occupied one end. Sarah fingered the inlaid, Greek chairs. She quietly whispered - What kind of magic is this?......She turned to Jonathon and asked - Can Papa do this?.....But before he could answer, their 'mentor' said - This is not magic.......What is it? - Said Jonathon......This is power. - said the man......And he showed them scrolls filled with secret knowledge. He opened small, silver boxes, freeing the words of ancient philosophers for the two guests to hear. He spoke of  worlds beyond worlds and gestured into space, conjuring up dense, smoky, pale colored images of planets yet unknown.

Where are we? - asked Sarah.... You are in the Hall of the Mountain King - said the man.....And who is that? What is his name?- added Jonathon......But the man with the short white beard just laughed, as the room dripped away leaving them to float in a soft blue sky, powdered with cool, fluffy clouds. They looked down. But there was no down, just air and sky and clouds. The man was not with them, though they could hear his voice. It said - Every place is one place. And all time is but a heartbeat.........They embraced, suspended in that fashion for what felt like many, many heartbeats. Indeed, some might call it an eternitiy.

Space never ends and time is but an illusion. We merely  conceptualize things the way we do to keep from going insane. And now you know. Am I Zebulon? No. Am I Johannan? No. I am....and that is all you need to know. Now go. Click onto other sites. Examine other posts. Talk to your digital friends. But think about things. Think very carefully.....And will I be back?.....Well, perhaps that is not the proper qiestion...For in fact, where would I go?..........And once again...welcome to the wonderland.........

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