Friday, June 3, 2011


They sat there and communicated. Renate 'spoke,' but her lips did not move. Oh, she smiled from time to time. She sighed. But she never shaped words, not physically. Her mind did that. And it all seemed so natural. Large moths with soft, earth-toned fur, danced about her head like a crown, as the Resurrected John Lennon absentmindedly hummed tunes. Small, thin, cherub-like creatures scampered out of the underbrush to listen. Sarah said - Excuse me, Lady Renate, but what are they? We have cherubs at home, yet these are different..........Only a bit - 'said' Renate. They too were asleep in the wombs of new born vampirinas. And when the mothers crossed over, these little ones made the journey as well. But they craved freedom and tore their way out of she who carried them, seeking independence among the cool, mossy darkness of the wild places. Wise Women in these part called them 'imps, ' or 'fairies.'.............Can they fly? - asked Sarah.......Of course - smiled Renate........And she clapped her well-formed hands, sending them leaping up into the air. Our Philadelphia vampires watched, as this miniature ballet  filled the ether with grace and whimsy.........What function do they perform? Who do they eat?/ - questioned Jonathon.................They dine on innocent children burdened with disease. Their little drinks hasten the passing from this world to the next - said Renate..........Sarah asked if such children could not be saved. And Renate told her these young ones had drifted too close to the heavenly frontier, breathing in the perfumes of paradise. A return to fleshly mortality would be cruel, so the 'fairies' appeared to sever the ties and send them sailing free. ...........What do the children say when this happens? - asked Jonathon.............They say 'thank you' - said Renate.

Then they spoke of the John Lennon person with them. Was he a vampire? No. Well then what is he? Renate laughed and said - He is his own creation............The former Beatle nodded, thenn rocked back and forth in delight, as the 'fairies' dashed off to play tag with the fireflies.........Sarah turned to him and said - Please tell me. What do you 'do' sir?..........The creative musician answered - I 'do' very well.............And he fished a silver harmonica from a pocket, breaking into a tune. I believe it was Muddy Waters with maybe a small peppering of early Bob Dylan.

Jonathon wanted to know if the Lady Renate was, in fact, still a vampire. She complimented him on his powers of detection and said - What you know as the vampiric state is but a stop on a journey. Moths were once plump caterpillars. Every soul changes. Every life grows. Some follow one path, some another. I wandered down a different lane long ago, soon after creating your father. He could have changed by now too, but stubborn, that one is. Who knows? Perhaps you'll be able to show him.

Then she told them of events yet to come, when they passed through to the spiritual navel that mankind knoows as Jerusalem........ And the one known as John Lennon sang 'Imagine'.......

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