Thursday, June 2, 2011


Jonathon and Sarah fellt the power. Was it threatrening? No. Could it be resisted? No. It filled the space beyond the entrance to the cave. It occupied the sky and the land. And it was Renate. Now, if you follow this truth-telling, you know who she is. Renate is the eldest one. Was she the first one? Don't be silly. Who can know such things. But she is the oldest one alive on Earth today. Human shaped, I mean. Some tell stories of surviving Neanderthal life-eaters. And yes, they are human too, after a fashion. But fashions change. What you call 'modern humans' are different. You, yourselves are different. And Renate comes from  the time of your inception. Where she was born, I do not know. Who gave her the 'night bite,' I cannot tell.

She caused a flickering of the ether. That's why it was possible for the naive Vienese hiker to stumble upon our spiritual travelers. Could mortals feel her. No. To them, she was as nothing. But when Jonathon stepped out of the cave to taste the newborn evening, he sensed her. How could he not? His vampiric father was her son and consort. The female, Sarah, saw his apprehension. She whispered - What's wrong? What is it?.......She's here - he said. Renate, we're, we're...within her.........He drew in a great breath, held it, then slowly let it out, while whispering her name 'Renate.' (Brick, from IN THE MIDDLE, could not have done it any better)

The twilit sky looked different, more violet and infinitely deeper, as evening  birds traced ornate loops and twirls through the firmament, calling to each other in exotic, unknown languages. And then, one heartbeat later, all was normal. His eyes cut through the newborn darkness, detecting every detail. A cunning, little vixen and her bright eyed cubs. The dried, dessicated hand of a murder victim.  Repulsive insects eating dung.

But one thing was not  so normal. One event stemmed from a  differennt reality. On the surface, it did not seem that out of the ordinary. A man walked toward them, average height (perhaps a little more). He wore glasses, not so different from the ones Doctor Franklin prefered. His hair was long (brown, streaked with a little gray)  annd his voice was low and mild.....Hello, my name is John - he said...........And our 'John,' or rather 'Jonathon' shook his hand......Sarah stared transfixed. She knew him. She knew this man. Not personally. But she knew him.....Are you John Lennon? - she said..........The man smiled and told her that he was. At first she didn't believe him. But then he took her hand and let her feel the bullet holes. She gasped. He smiled and said - Come, there's someone I want you to meet. So they followed him into a shadow thicket and into the presence of Renate.

At first they saw nothing. They felt nothing and heard nothing. Sarah put out her hand, attempting to explore this  void. And for the tiniest fraction of a heartbeat, she detected something. But then it  was gone, as a female voice said - It's not nice to fool Mother Nature (then she laughed).......Moonlight and her weaker, distant, star-born cousins tricled down into a small clearing, gillding the four beings seated there. One was Jonathon. Another his 'bride.' The third, a former Beatle. And the forth one was more than thirty thousand years old. Some claimed she was almost forty thousand. Yet if I had to describe her to you, I'd say she looked like another somewhat 'rock' star. I'd say she looked like Cher (from her post Moon Struck days), though anything even remotely resembling fishnet stockings was nowhere in sight.

I've come to talk about your Quest - she said, as the musical member of the group began to hum a little tune... And even the crickets joined in.............

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