Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I don't know how much I'll be able to tell you this morning. It's 5am edt in Philadelphia right now. Papa has to settle in for the morning. He hates these short summer nights. They all do. Little Annie complains about having to go to bed so early. She really doesn't understand yet. Papa wants to take her outback some day just as the first hint of the nuclear-hydrogen blaze, which is the sun zaps over the horizon and shoots into Chestnut Hill. You know, let it sinnge her a little. Just  a tiny bit. Just so she learns. Because right now, we don't think she really understands. There's a recording. It's somewhere on the web. I don't know exactly where it is. But it shows this skinny male vampire peel off all his clothes, walk out some, little cabin door and stand on the porch, waiting for the sun to find him. I think it's from Finlannd or Sweden or someplace like that. First, it's still dark. Then we hear a few birds start to sing. A light breeze picks up. It plays with his ginger colored hair. And the vampire guy doesn't do a thing. He continues to stand there. Then he shakes a few kinks out of his arms and legs, stares off into the distance and smiles, Somebody from inside cracks open the door and tries to talk him back in. He ignores them. The door slams shut. The guy holding the camera starts talking to him. It's not in English. But it's obvious he's asking him if he really wantns to go through with this. The skinny vampire guy nods. Baylah says he looks a lot like Ashton Kutcher, only with lighter colored hair. Then he swallows. You can see a little shadow near his adam's apple. The light's changing. The sun's coming. He remarks about the 'royal blue' colors of the dawn sky. Then he tenses. His eyes shut tight. He starts to tremble, his fists clenched by his sides. Tiny, dancing fingers of weak, blue flames begin to tickle his ears, his hair and his shoulders. The cameraman starts saying 'Oh, my God . Oh, my God. Oh, my God,' over and over and over. The vampire guy looks like he's being buffeted by hurricaine force winds. He opens his mouth. He screams, as all the skin on the sun-side of his body ignites, as if touched by a blow torch. We see the flames flatten  around his form , until every naked inch  is  consumed. A pillar of fire stands there. The 'human' form within barely discernible. The cameraman begins to cry. He sobs, sniffs and says - I have to move back. The heat's melting the lens. Then the fire weakens. The blue flames shrink down and disappear. We see thin tendrils of sooty smoke snaking up into the brightening, morning sky. We focus on a small residue of greasy ashes on the porch. The camera pans around. Nothing else was burned. The vampire guy is gone. Then, in the last seconds, some kind of weasel zig-zags out of the trees, bounces up onto the porch and laps up the grease. The screen goes black. Papa wants to show it to Annie. But all the others say she's too new. They say it'll give her bad dreams. Jeez, what couild have happened to Luna? She is so selfish and irresponsible. I don't know how much we really 'like' her, but we're all nervous, just the same. Papa says he can tell that she's not dead. He knows she's still alive. Big deal. What does that prove? You think death is the worst thing?.........Please excuse my typing. Just cut me a break today. Okay?

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