Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I'm not sleeping. it's me, annie. I'm in my sleeping cubicle down in one of the basements. the place is finished off real nice. they ain't got no jiggly buggies down here. you gotta go down to the sib-basement for them. I also got wilkravitz' laptop. he don't know. let him go to hell. he never wants to share with me anyway. they got a nice, little, pink, 'girls' laptop in the toys r us store. I want it, but no one wants to buy it for me. they say I'm gonna break it. I'll smash their heads is what I'll break. I know where Edith keeps her money. I know where they all keep their money. Don't you remember? I can read people's minds.I know when the grown ups (vampires and just plain stupid people) want to play sexy games. I know when the bitch next door, the one who feeds her kid shitty pizza (but not all the time), wants to mush herself up against Papa. If I was a just plain stupid girl, I would be throwing up during every commercial. I would be throwing up real bad. what was I gonna do? Oh, yeah, I minds.

1) this is to a hairdresser named mitzy who lives in north jersey. the boss knows you slip money into your own pocket. he knows you don't put it in the cashregister. but you are a 'good worker' so he don't say nothing. only brittany knows too and she is very angry about it. once she 'keyed' your car. and another girl laughed. but you are not so happy working there, so don't worry about it. take that new job out by the target store. and start going to that sports bar near the supermarket. you will meet a cute guy there soon. he makes about 80 or 90 thousand dollars a year (do they only pay plain stupid grown ups one time each year?...boy. that must stink) he looks like your cousin's huzbin. that should make you real happy.

2) Danny in boston should keep his mouth shut if he don't want to start a real big fight with his brother and ruin the whole family. And Leighanne is a great big fat liar and the whole street knows it. She ain't even sure she's havin a baby, so there. But her father has a little bit of money and whoever marries her and settles down will get some of it when they buy a house that she can move into. the father don't like having her at home, cause she drinks up all the God damned orange juice and breaks the washing machine. and he is asgusted. besides, he got a girlfriend too (only I don't know why they call her a 'girl'...she more of an old lady friend...a real wrinkle-puss if you ast me). her name is hellen, but she tells people to call her helene cause it confuses them and makes her look younger.

2) I don't know  exactly what 'economy' means, but it keeps coming to me that the 'economy' is going to improve in October (maybe cause people will be buying a lot a halloween costumes and shit?)

3) Somebody in california had little movies of some movie guy trying to kiss and hug a young girl we see on tv a lot. She was gonna show it to oprah, but now she will probably have to settle for somebody else cause oprah ain't showin little movies on tv anymore. this guy always likes to eat steak at a certain restaurant with two of his friends and he plays cards (poker I think) at a big house up on top of a hill. his car is big and white. that is all I know.

I am tired again and want to sleep for a little while before we all get up. so good bye for now. mind reading is fun, but sometimes I do not understannd what it all means...but it is still fun to snoop around in other people's brains and shit...

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