Tuesday, June 14, 2011


this is annie talking. dont pay no mind to how I type this all out. remember, I am only six human years and most of 1 vampire years old. so if you dont like it, I'll kick you right in half your ass. you get to pick which cheek. I am not too bossy that way.  wilkravitz does not know where his laptop went. but he's busy watching THE VOICE on telebizon, so he wont know for a while, at least not till after that show with the four crzy guys trying to become movie stars in californya. you know, the onne with that kid who looks like  a skinnier, frizzy haired version of Jonathon. I'm sittin out back, on the kitchen patio, right where Edith had her run in with that Johnny Jump Up thingie. It's cool now. the rain stopped. thin little storybook clouds skate across the fat face of an almost filled moon. I like nights like this. I could fall asleep out here. And I have done it too. the elves and cherubs wake me up before dawn. Luna (she IS supposed to be like my step-mother) never does. I think she wants me to die. I really do. God knows where she is. I hope a giant spider or like some nazi scientist pervert bastids got her. I hope they kill her up real bad. maybe she already is dead. that's what I pray for, you know. but GOD tells me not to be that way. He sounds just like that 'boy' teacher they had at my (human) pre-school. I can remember some a that. the sand box was fun. and I think I used to like chocolate chip cookies. I had these barbie sneakers that were pretty good too.

I'm gonna try to read your minds and tell you stuff about the future. I like when Edith does it. She's at a church bingo tonight. and afterwards she stops for sticky-bun and coffee  at some diner place. She brings me back a whole lot a 'minty fresh' tooth picks and gives em to me. I use em to spear these big, shiny, roachie bugs down in the sub-basement. their stringy legs go jiggle-jiggle-jiggle...and then they just die I guess. I liked watchin the Phillies tonight. Cole Hamils was the pitcher. I like him cause he looks just like my favorite Ken doll. Sometimes I pop his head off and jam it down on this little My-Little-Pony rubber thing I got.

OK, here goes. I am seein stuff in my head now......Tell Gina and her boyfriennd Lucky that they are gonna have a new baby. I think it  is gonna be a boy or a girl. And that Spanish guy down the street want to but the truck, so things shnould work out real good. they live in new York city I think, because I see them eatin corn beef sandwiches and pizza with the statue of liberty. she chews her food  up real good for a big metal thing. I like that.

Sally's mom found a girl's wallet in the toilet at some pancake house. It had a lot of monies in it. big monies. two of em had Doctor Franklin's pitcher on em. I gotta ask him how he got em to stamp his face on all the monies. maybe they can do that for my birthday? Sally's mom was gonna give the money and all to the lady who lost it (her name was inside). but she changed her mind and bought a new set a patio furniture and three pairs of fancy-lady-tittie-cuppers instead. But she is ashamed to go into that pancake house on account a the money belonged to one of the waittresses. this is some where near where Oprah lives, I think. Cause every time I see the sky, a lot a the clouds look like Oprah's face, and I figure she could do that if she wanyed to.

Two earthquakes are gonna jumble stuff up in a place that looks like India. I think it is india cause the ladies all have fancy kerchiefs tied around their hair so nobody who is a man can look at it. they are not playing hide-and-seek under these movable tents like ladies in somme countries. they have a lot of pretty bracelets. I think the earthquake will come later in the summer, like on july 25th or august 25th. the president is gonna talk about it. you will see him on tv and he dont look  too happy.

A girl in South america is gonna have this little two-headed baby. Both a the baby's heads smile a lot. one looks snart, the other looks dumb. I call em smarty and dumbie. the mom and her family want em to be big celebrities, like the people on E TV, so they are gonna rent em out to a circus or something. Too bad Michael Jackson is mostly dead, or he could a bought em. I would like it if Papa would but em for me. but he will say NO. He will say NO real loud.

Jonathon and Sarah are gonna say stuff in Israel that will help stop all the fighting over there. I dont know what it will be, cause he's gonna say it in Jewish talk (Hebrew) and I do not know that. Sarah is gonna do some stuff with sick children. I think she is gonna give em little drops of her blood to make them better. but a little spy camera is gonna catch her and they will show movies of it on the rachel ray show (they tibo it for me). she will smile and act all surprised and talk real fast. I like when she goes like that.

Well, that's all.  wilkravitz is done watchin that entourage show and he wants his computer back. but he looks a little bit sick to me. I think he still has a piece a that diarrhea left, so he ain't gonna be typing out too much more new stuff tonight. so that's all. I'm gonna go down and spear me some more roachies. Good bye. that's it...just good bye.

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