Friday, June 10, 2011


You have not encountered us before. We are two vagabonds, locked in the vampiric state. For how long, we do not know. Time is a conceit and we don't worry about trivialities. However, we are in possession of  a copy of La Ciencia Vampirismo and we are willing to share some ancient truths with you.

1) VAMPIRISM IS NOT SIMPLY A DISEASE. It is not effected by the physical world, save for the searing light of the sun. And even then, it is not actually the light itself which destroys us, but being active in a time not our own. God split the day from the night. We have our portion. The evening is ours. The morning belongs to mortals and the penalty for tresspass is death.

Our condition is a Spiritual state of Being, ordained by Heaven since the beginning of time. We are God's Tweezers, forged to pluck imperfections from the face of humanity. Perhaps I should clarrify. Other worlds with other soul-based beings have vampires too. They may be shaped differently. They may 'cull' the wicked via different means. But they are true vampires, never the less.

Blood does not sustain us. I know those of you familiar with this ongoing tale already know that, but so many of you gloss over it. It is the taking of unworthy lives at certain times of the year (as known on Earth) that keeps us going. Indeed, extremely ancient vampires often stop killing, as they continue their spiritual evolution and take on other 'chores.'

The blood, in and of itself, is not in anyway magical. It is only a recognized symbol for the 'sharing of the burden' (creation of new vampires). Noxious vampires, as well as those unable to forget human appetites, lust after it to satisfy an irrational hunger. Yet we must admit that its ingestion is pleasant to us and the rich texture and tang quite intoxicating.

...........................We will share more some other time. Your old friends, Jonathon and Sarah are still in Jerusalem, safe within a small, velvet lined jewelbox, tucked into the briefcase of that British rabbi.. He is taking them to a certain place, where he plans to present them to members of a revered assemblage. And little do they who push and jostle their way along these narrow ancient thoroughfares realize the importance of the tiny pilgrims passing through their midst. Oooh, that falafel smells good. If we were mortal, we would savor it. Maybe we should purchase a bit of it, just to dab behind our ears? But nights in the City of David can be quite warm this time of year. And although we rarely perspire, a sojourn on the Mount of Olives (a breezier venue) would be quite refreshing. So please bear with us, as we sublimate to that cooler clime. How we so enjoy the songs and prayers of the city as we pass..........

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