Monday, October 17, 2011


They all went out. Papa took Jonathon and Sarah to the Jersey Shore. I guess they're at Baylah's boyfriend's beach house. She runs back and forth all the time. Her piano bar in Center City, Philadelphia is open and running again. Not that it ever actually closed, but the other people watching over it weren't that good. So now she has this goth girl managing the place. You might remember her. Morticia, the one from a few months ago? I think she even showed up in Jerusalem? Annie's not home either. The elves took her out flying. They like to swoop and dive over the woodland crypts at Laurel Hill Cemetery. It's pretty isolated. True, you can see the place in the distance from the Roosevelt Extention of the expressway. Covers a lot of hills too. But it's far away and looks like a toy set. At night you can't make out anything. The caretaker and his wife (Can't remember if it's the first or second? Johnny-Jump-Up might a chomped on the first one. I'm not sure.) know about them. They knit these cozy, little outfits for the cherubs. If you want to know what the cherubs are, go to then click on blogs and search for me, Billy Kravitz. I use that site to set things right. And after all this time I have to do it. No more lies. No more saying what they want me to say. Most of the good stuff they talk about is true. Trouble is.. it's not all good stuff. Look, they're vampires. They kill. They torture. Sure they try to put a respectable spin on things. But vampires feel guilt too after all. You should see them when they sit there crying and shaking. I can't go near 'em then. Nobody can, not unless you want to get your heart ripped out. Gives Edith fits when they do that, 'cause she's the one who has to clean it up,only she can't say anything either. She just freezes on her little chair in the inglenook till it's all over. Annie laughs. For a while that scrubby, little 'six' year old, bad-seed, bitch was acting more normal. But that didn't last long. She used to be satisfied killing cock roaches (I mean besides people and all). No, really. Better than Terminex. Only now she's expanded the business to include careless bunnies and stray cats. Calls them her stuffed toy collection. They let her keep them for a few nights until the stink gets real bad. Then they make Edith throw 'em out.

I don't know where the cherubs are. Sometimes they tag along after the elves, but not tonight. Cute little devils they too, real chubby and cuddly. Actually extreemly loving and humane...for vampires. Could be out in the back garden with the two Red Paint guys listening to old legends about the constellations or memorizing ancient spells. Not that the words mean much. From what I hear, they're just a way to focus  power. I like when they flutter into my room and snuggle in with me. We watch TV. It's nice.. The cherubs, I mean. Not that they have wings. That's just how it seems.

Some of the bad stuff is startin' to get out, or at least hints of it. Go back to the beginning of all this. Look at the episodes where Jonathon talks about his transformation and those pathetic, naked girls in the pits and all. He makes it sound like a rare occurance...Yeah, well that's a lie. ....I don't know if I should tell you this, but I'm going to anyway.......We got a pit down in the second sub-basement right now. They don't think any of us humans can hear it. But I can. Edith can too. We hear them. That's why I keep this iPod in my ears all the time. That's why Edith humms those songs. The Red  Paints just take it all in. That's how they are...Very stoic.

You want to know something? I don't even know if that story about Jonathon being descended from a noble, Spanish, Sephardic family is true. He likes it. He picked it up somewhere, so we pretend. Edith thinks he escaped from a Connstantinople slave auction. She gets these feelings and she's usually pretty right.  Papa knows (He brought him over, after all.), but he don't say nothing. Look, he might be a Spanish-Sephardic nobleman... and then again, he might not. Who the hell cares?

Shhhhh, did you hear that? They're screaming. I can hear them all the way down in the pit. A couple days ago, Edith snuck them down a box a Lucky Charms, but that don't last long. They must be hungry by now...... Oh, God, I want to bring  down some food too. But I'm afraid. .... What if they find out? What if the girls tell on me? One of them is getting real weak from the torture. She's gonna break any night now. I know it. But Edith ain't afraid. She don't care. They need her. She's 'pow-wow.' She can see things...future things...distant things..... And you know how superstitious life-eaters are...

You're gonna have to excuse me if you find any typos. But I don't have time to go back and make corrections. Oh, God, this is getting to me. Where the hell are those cherubs?..... I need a cuddle.....(sigh)


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