Sunday, October 16, 2011


Sarah is almost all healed. There's not much they can do for her here. I want to go home. She wants to go home. The people at the scientific center understand. They had a video conference with Doctor Franklin. He promised to share some vampire data with them, so everything worked out. I took a chance and called that L.M. guy from CBS. After all, he said he would  be happy to give us a lift when he came over to pick up his cousin. And I got a funny feeling the girl who answered  the phone knew I was a vampire too. What a place. I love L.A. and I've never even been there.

They drove us out to this small, private airport just to the south of Dimona. Beautiful sceenery. Very Santa Fe-ish. The sky still had a bit of illumination. Clouds streaked with dark purple and minute tinges of red. Some vampires can tolerate a near-dusk environment, especially from the back seat of a threehundred thousand dollar Bentley with carefully tinted windows. Sarah ran her eyes over the pages of a thick fall fashion magazine. I leaned back, lost in the lush sounds of Knights In White Satin (of course you know that's a particular favorite of mine). They transfered us into a luxurious, mach 1- capable sky bird. Sure, maybe I could have crossed via whale, but new experiences intrigue me. The crew realized what we were. I think one of the girls was a telepath or demi-witchling or something. She knew all about the Piney People and the Red Paints and all, so what does that tell you? One of the stewards lit a fine aroma candle. We dipped our tongues into a bit of old brandy. A popular, white haired much esteemed actor/comedian returning from some function in Dubai traveled with us. I loved how he played the banjo. Baylah can play the banjo too. Did I ever tell you that? She picked it up sometime during the Johnson Administration. The ANDREW Johnson Administration, I mean. And so we crossed the sea, two vampires plus an assorted menagery from Los Angeles. Oh, and before I forget, our specially darkened sleeping chamber was exceedingly pleasing.

Papa met us at the airport. We rode home in his big, black limo. Edith drove. True, she needs a really thick cushion to see over the wheel, but other than that, her road skills are immpecable. Ah, the glittering Center City, Philadelphia skyline. The NBC Comcast Building (yes, here in Philly and NOT you know where) The lofty City Hall Clock Tower (Big Ben, eat your bangers and mash out!) The classic facade of The Walnut Street Theatre (oldest continuously operating playhouse in the ENTIRE English speaking world) The perfect stomping ground for an urbane, aristocratic fellow like me.. Do I still want to save the world? Of course. But first a little autumn fun. Places to see and people to bite. Bootkins to buy for Saturday night. Look, look, Sarah, didn't I ravish you once in the bushes by that fountain when you were still mortal? ......She blushed.......(sigh) It's so good to be home.............


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