Tuesday, October 25, 2011


The two well fed vampires walked down through the mostly empty parking garage. Neither said a word. Jonathon palmed the bald guy's watch. It's a Breitling. Costs maybe twenty thousand dollars. The wife's ear studs were real too. Weigh like a carat each. Sell for like ten, twelve thousand dollars. The guy had cash too, fifteen hundred , but it was something. So now  you know how vampires accummulate so much wealth over the centuries. It's unbelievable what they got.

The Puerto Rican kid in the little booth didn't even pick his head up when they went by. He knows the drill. He gets paid. They pay off kids in garages all over town. These two like to hunt in garages. No reason. Just their pattern. Jonathon took Sarah's hand. They squared back their shoulders and set off for a tiny, jewel-box apartment. Clothes looked all funny. But who gonna stop 'em? They use that place as a pit stop. The girl living there is another familiar. She gets a call (from Jonathon's cell phone), goes down to the little well set up lobby and buzzes them in. They got a few  buildings like this around town. Not everybody wants a doorman. Some people need their privacy. Who has to know their business?

Let's see. I'd guess this piece a baggage for about forty seven or fifty years old. What, you're upset 'cause I called her a girl? Just being polite. She gets her hair styled. She stays thin. Does throat and jaw exercises. Wears the right make-up. Keeps her teeth all nice and clean. You'd be surprised how many people do not do that. So what am I supposed to call her? When she gets  fixed up with toupee-wearin', pinkie ringed, old daddies, they say - I got a nice girl for you. Don't nobody say no 'woman.' Callin' some single ladies a woman like callin' her a 'man' or something. You know what I mean?

So they go upstairs. She lives on the third floor. One room is all set up with extra clothes and all. Nice place too. The ruined stuff gets wadded up and burnt in the fireplace. Yeah, it's a pre-War building. Why? Then they shower off in a glass enclosed, designer tiled, big-enough-for-two stall. Ever stay in a fine hotel? You know what it's like. Little bit later they sit in the living room. Maybe sip a few drops a absinthe, if they feel like. He gives the forty seven year or fifty year old a few different kind a drops if he wants to. Sarah thumbs through a couple lady stuff magazines. The girl calls their regular cab driver (also a familiar). Jonathon leaves her all the bald guy's cash. And they go home. ........ But nobody says anything on the ride back. They just sit real quiet and think.

He imagines what the kids'll feel. Maybe they had some old parents. Maybe some nice lady sitting in a bed, locked away in some pissed up nursing home. She cherishes each and every visit. Who's gonna run to see her now? Who's gonna bring her small orders of rigatoni and meat balls ?(can't eat no big order) It's sad. When vampires get all hepped up, they do not think about those things. Yes, they DO kill evil people sometimes. They DO (on occasion) 'cull' people sent to them in visions. You remember hearing all that stuff. That's what they want you to think. Especially Jonathon. It's like a weakness with him. Whoops. Have I been calling him 'Jonathon'? Sigh...... Oh......Why am I doing this?........Look, when he feels real guilty. When things don't go right.  When they got little kids. Or they had really good hearts. Or maybe just did not deserve it, he gets that way. Pretends he is really somebody else. It's the guilt. That boy is still a major believer. Shit, faith never dies. Not real faith anyway. Edith and the others back at the house know how he is. They call him 'Jonathon' when he's all right and 'nuthin' when he's not. Maybe that wilkravitz don't know yet. He's only been there about a year. But the elves know. Even the cherubs feel something. Sarah's new too. but she's starting to understand. Hell, if I had to bet, I'd say she don't want a be called 'Sarah' right now either.

Nobody talks to them. Everybody keeps away. They can read it on their faces. They know. He takes her down to the special, little built-in sleeping cabinets they got tucked into the basement. Don't even stop to mess with the slave girls or nothing. I can't tell you how they reconcile that 'slave girl' business.. Who knows what a vampire sees? But sometimes I catch him lookin' at his hands, or payin' close attention to his jaw line in a mirror. So young. He looks so young. They all do. You hardly ever see an old one. And he starts thinkin' things. That I can sorta feel. Pictures his flesh and you should pardon the expression 'blood' family. Hell, they ain't even little chips a bone by now. That's what he thinks. That's what they all think. A few get numb to it. One's like Papa and Renate, I mean. But even numbness gives way to a little 'pins and needle' tingle every now and then.........I am telling you, vampires are some major complicated shit.


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