Wednesday, October 12, 2011


this is Jonathon. I am typing this. Renate brought me  back from The Hunters' Moon Revels. In all my thousand years, I had never seen the like. Does that surprize you? Why? True, I have seen and tasted many things. But that is hoe life is. We know what we know. All the rest is mystery. And I have spoken of Noble vampires who cull only the wicked. And of noxious ones who run like animals, drooling after countless indescriminate victims. That was my world. Other breeds were unknown to me, though now I know.

Are they all vampires? No, not in the truest sense. But you have heard us say that the magic settles differently upon each of us. The elves can fly. So can the cherubs. I cannot. Sometimes, when the power waxes strong within me, I may be able to sublimate through the air in a manner similar to flying. Yet flyinng it is not. Renate can fly. Papa can fly. Other primal onnes can to. Is it a question of time. Will I gain the ability? I don'/t know.

What I do know, now at least, is that enchantment comes in many forms. but didn't you always suspect that? Isn't that why you read tales like this? Remember those times you rode in automobiles as children, falling asleep, nestled in close to your mother? Night trips  through the countryside were the best. You'd rouse and gaze out into the darkness, watching the trees race by. Sometimes glowing eyes peered back from the thickets. Were they animal, or were they just a bit too high for that? And the calls...the night calls. some of them were much like songs. Am I right? See? You know.

I've read about students at a university engaged in experiments aimed at discovering whether or not telekenetic powers truly exist. They'd place a table tennis ball in the middle of a platform, cover it with a lucite box. All this was done very slowly and carefully to minimize air currents. Then they'd take turns standing at a certain coordinate. Each would attempt to attract the ball via brain power alone. What happened was that some of them were successful. So if you don't approve of the term 'magic,' call it something else. But don't pretend you don't know what you know you know. It's all right. The Inquisition (at least in  its formal incarnation) is over now. So go out there. Explore. Inhale. Taste.

Sarah lies in a laboratory not thirty feet away. The Moonves cousin is even closer. They heal. They mend. They tell me she will be well and whole in a fortnight, the human perhaps in ten moons. His wounds were mostly couched in the soul, but mortality hobblles him. So he must wait.

I stand by her bed. I take her hand. I kiss her. Do I still want to change the world. Do I still want to bring peace to my religious homeland? Yes. But I want her safety even more. Perhaps we never should have come here, not for those reasons anyway.

They tell me, the white coated ones I mean, that I am possessed of a certain as yet unidentified subatomic particle. It shows up in the molecules comprising my body. Sarah has it too. We all do. There's not even a name  for it yet. The 'God' gene? That's already taken. By what, I don't know. Maybe one of you   out there can create a name and send it to us? Leave a comment. I know wilkravitz always asks for that. What's that? I think I heard one of you already..... The Prometheus Spark, or was it 'quark'? I don't know.

Lailah and the vampire French knight, Jean-Michel, I mean, have not returned. They're still out there, exploring the sea floor. I'm not sure what manner of enchanted lifeforms inhabit the Mediterranean depths. The whales are there, I know. But merfolk usually dwell out beyond the Pillars of Hercules. I'll ask them what they found when they get back. The chevalier must know something about the region.

And the evil jinns? They continue infesting the ether like a poison. I believe they almost succeeded in bringing death to a royal courier, even in the capital of The American Empire. Odd, I've lived there for centuries, but it still seems more like a royal empire to me. Is that bad? No, I don't think so. People need spectacle after all. Some say Queen, others First Lady. And is The White House not really a palace? Have you seen the imperial guard? No kingly coach ever came close to Air Force One. But I digress.

Maybe Lailah is meant to protect this place? I know her Gallic mentor will stay near her. And I've sensed others like us in the souks as well. I want to go home. If the two boys, if the Israelite and the Ishmaelite are meant to salve the wounds, they will. Let the troubadors sing songs. Let the Resurrected Lennon and Dylan and Islam (once known as Stevens) write their verses. I wish them well. But I want to go home.

And if we can't go now...Let it be soon.

How goes the old hymn? ----- Brighten the corner where you are..........  Catchy.... I like that.


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