Saturday, October 1, 2011


Renate opened her eyes. Dream time was over. She saw shamans chanting 'round glowing embers. She watched cave bears devouring men. And there was no answer...No beacon from above. But she heard a voice. It was a human voice. It was her mother's voice. And it said --- Be not the flood, but the rain. So she knew. She has her response.

Her body rose up from the depths and broke  through the star kissed surface. Irridescent microscopic life forms spangled her hair and skin with ghostly splendor. Save for the moon, she was all alone. Now the Dead Sea is not wide, twenty miles at best. So she swan toward the shore to rejoin the world of the living.

While westward in the Holy City, Jonathon spent time with the newborn, Lailah. They sat on a low, stone wall, encompassing the tomb of a saint. The silver kiss of Selena (poetic name for the moon) caressing every feature. Two handsome night folk, discussing many things. Her father was there too. He heard the promise. He heard the words and he believed them. The Sephardic vampire seemed sincere. And Lailah was so connfused. She needed her own kind. True, even on her own, she'd discovered many things. And Jean-Michel was always close at hand. Yet the spare Armenian cleric could not stand the tears. So he simply let her go, trusting in the power of the others to keep her, at least spiritually, close at hand. Then he gave her a small, ebony Cross. He took it from his own neck and placed it 'round her own. She hugged him. They cried. Indeed, they all cried.

Jonathon said -- Fear not. She may wander far, but (and he touched the fabric over the cleric's heart, but her essence will be here. Speak and she will answer. No 'thing' can seperate you from her.

The man brushed away a tear and said -- Ah, yes. I know.....The words of  'The Dream.' I have been there too. Jonathon embraced him. The night folk lingered for a few heart beats and left. The cleric remained where he was, sitting in the moon light,  lost in thought and prayer.

Renate met them as they rounded the corner. The three vampires, Jean-Michel, Jonathon and his 'gandmother,' surrounded the waif-like young one. And by their power, lifted her up, till they all sublimated through the darkness and disappeared.

Sarah knew. She felt it. But she had other things to do.

Remember the plan? Remember the Great Reconciliation? Two sovereign kingdoms, one called Israel, the other Ishmael. The Brothers side by side. Remember the Peace...The Pax Semetica, for lack of a better term? ...... Well, Sarah remembered. And she had miracles to conjure.......

Perhaps they just may work.........


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