Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Papa finally told them. He calmed down and he told them. I could let wilkravitz tell you, but I don't know if he understands it all. So I'll tell you. It is I, Zebulon. And yes, yes, yes, you're probably asking how much the disembodied spirit of a thirteen year old, dead for more than twentyone hundred years, Judean boy could comprehend. But know this..... I haven't been playing 'hounds and jackals' all that time. This one is precocious. This one absorbs things. I have listened at the tables of the great, both on my home world and in less parochial surroundings as well.

Tell me. you've heard Papa speak of the manta ray people on Europa, no? So you understand humans are not the be all and end all of creation, yes? Intelligent 'civilizations' pepper the galaxies like cinnamon on hal-vah (that  is if you like the cinnamon/vanilla variety. create your own visual image if you do not.) And our own family of planets, besides housing us and the fishy-people, shelters two colonies of strangers. Yes, yes, yes.....I know the Holy Scriptures teach us that no one is truly a stranger, 'for strangers ye were in Egypt, before I came to save you'..... and we're supposed to have learned from experience. Fences are artificual human constructs. We are all one, since The Lord is One. Look, I did go to Bible School before they stoned me. So I know all that. I know ' if in your stubbornness you find a 'stranger' in your midst, be even more to them than to one of your own, for they expect so very much less.'........... One of my favorite passages. But them that's coming tend to stretch those sentiments a little. 

Papa's seen them. They visit the manta ray people too. Oh, it's not like the fishy-folk love them so much. And yes. they have had their own revelation. But these creatures are different. You hate bed-bugs? You hate Great White Sharks? You hate Europan-Manta Ray People-Eating-Snails?....OK, bad example. Them, you do not know.  But, come on. You must be getting the idea. Does the thought of spending your days imprisoned in a skin farm intrigue you? Do you know what it's like to be flayed alive? Do you know what that means? Or how 'bout slaving away in an organ mine, entombed in the dark with alien gelatinous masses glued down into your innards, feeding on you from the inside out till they mature and can be harvested. And I'm talking 'bout the esecutive possitions here.

Sure, they act different on Europa. The manta rays have the wrong type of cellular structure. But YOU DON'T. What? You're wondering why they'd do things like that? You're asking why, if they can traverse stellar distances, can't they simply synthesize any biological tissues they might need? Well, that's an easy one  to answer. I'll tell you...... It's against their religion.

Papa recognized the crystaline material in that shard. He saw it on Europa. They fashion their armor from it. Or maybe it grows, organically, out of their bodies? I don't know. Some of them must have been buzzing around up there. Guess they're ready now. Maybe the shard found its way out in a big, doughy turd of space shmutz? Maybe they wanted it to?

Vampires should be able to survive. They can always sublimate. Oxygen is only a comfort and not a necessity to them. Even the blood is only a comfort. Taking life is what keeps them going. And they'll learn  to kill something else....

What about you? What about your family? What about the little ones?

It's only gonna get worse before it starts getting better.

And for once, I wish this really was fiction.......


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