Wednesday, November 9, 2011


It was decided. The vampires would leave. Papa, Jonathon and Sarah would  go  first. Baylah will join them as soon as she is able. The juveniles, the elves and cherubs, will remain in the Pines with Edith annd the others. Luna..... what will Luna do? Who knows. If you want my opinion, she's more a bitch than a vampire anyway.

Doctor Franklin rarely leaves his Great Armonica. The huge crystal discs turn day and night. Senior members of The Anti-Enchantment-Bureau assist him. The Lost Chord... They search for The Lost Chord, that legendary harmonic convergence able to pierce the celestial veil between our world and the next. No, I speak not of Heaven, but rather parallel realms. Other places quite like our own, yet with tiny, though significant differences.

Are you there? Of course. Your loved ones? Why not? In the nearest time-lines (for that is what they truly are) the divergences are quite subtle. Perhaps you ate at six instead of seven? And a dust mote riding sunbeams lit not upon the piano, but on the wall. Others dance to  foreign tunes. Constantine never lived and The First Priest of Zion presides over The Great Sanhedrin, while Aristobolus XXXVII rules as Prince of Judea and Great Steward of God's Throne ( he is, after all, non-Davidic). In more distant rivers, Earth is dead, victim to a mountain hurdling silently through space. Or dinosaurs never died, continuing to evolve and change into forms much like the shleestacks. Oh, nature does make jokes. Zebulon has seen and heard so many.

Edith had a dream. In it, she awoke one morning to find the world transformed. The seas had left their deep, dark beds, prefering loftier climes. And a thick wet storm tossed briny blanket encircled the orb where clouds should be. Weak green light drifted down to the ground and trees died in the gloom. Sunlight dancing off monstrous whitecaps leaped back into space, as the people froze and died. through it all, she heard a song...... people chanting the 'Scottosh Beedosh.....' Is it too late, or is there time? And the life-eaters continue to alight upon the golden cobbles of Jerusalem. Some fly in borne on the wings of eagles (poetic Hebrew license for aircraft). Others walked. A few came in on the princes of the sea (google vampires 'riding' whales). Our ambassadors from the Pines (and Philadelphia too) got a lift from their Hollywood mogul connection. They departed Atlantic City International , soon to be renamed for Nucky Johnson, and saw strange lights in the sky as they came 'cross...........

Disaster continued to plague the world. Earthquakes tore the Hittite Lands. Wind storms raked the plains. Fires burned the Golden West. Bengalis died in rains.

While hidden 'round the curve of a meandering Old City byway, Lailah and the Chevalier Jean-Michel 'took' midnight tea with a certain unearthly stranger.......

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