Tuesday, November 29, 2011


They took us to a coordinate in the Saturn System. It's unnerving being so close to that world. A gas giant, they call it. Saturn and Jupiter almost became little stars. Just a bit more mass would have done it. Imagine, no true night on Earth, only a lingering shadowy gloom, punctuated by two small dots of red-orange illumination. Not points like other stars, but tiny discs. Their moons might have blossomed. As it is, we have life forms on more than five Kansian bodies. There's Earth, whatever they have on Mars, the manta ray people of Europa and a few assorted microbial wonderlands on certain other fecund worldlets.  What? You want to know what 'Kansian' is? Well we just learned that one ourselves. Astronomers just made it up. It comes from Kansas. You know how in The Wizard of Oz, the Ozians say "Kansas, she said is the name of her star. Kansas, she said is the name of her star.' ...... Now it is. Seems that was the only time they ever gave our sun a name. Sol Invictus doesn't count. That was just Latin for unconquered sun. Where's the poetry in that? And why can't it be Kansas? They have a New York City and a New York State, so? The manta ray people obviously have a different name for Jupiter. In their electro-magnetic language they have a few blips and crackles that mean 'Anchor.' Jupiter is the anchor. It holds them in place. Makes sense  to me. God knows how the Enemy describes us.

We crowd around the quartz paned windows, mesmerized by the butterscotch immensity looming above us. Huge, thick bands of monstrous clouds race across their assigned latitudes. Our trainers tell us they reach speeds in excess of three or four hundred miles an hour. Thick, twisted sabers of white-hot lighting explode through the malestrom. People scream and jump. Not only humans, vampires too.

They gave us those form flattering pressure suits. I'm not sure how they're supposed to help in this environment, but members of the science team assure us that they will. Harmonics experts have detected certain glaring irregularities in this vicinity. Computer analysis interprets  them as Enemy concentrations. So... this is their base. Lailah's in there somewhere, other creatures too.

We're going to try a series of carefully staged 'sublimations' in an effort to break up the frequency web. That's how they manifest themselves. The humans know how damaging vampire sublimations can be to living matter. We pass through the victim, like a speeding wraith, shredding their being into red, pulpy syrup. Soon we'll see what we can do to them. I won't go in alone. One vampire wouldn't be enough. But they've assembled us into cohorts. Just like the Spartans at the pass. I've become close with some of them. Not all, but a few. And they're scared too.

Papa's worried about me. He tried to get me held back, but I wouldn't let him. So now he's holed up with the Tech Boys (girls too, actually) reviewing every detail. The human doctors have been studying us. Data sent out by Doctor Franklin helped too. But what could they do? Have they called for any witches? No. Is Edith here? No. Do they acknowledge our primary spiritual component? Oh, boy, that's a joke! You know what atheists most scientists are? Not all, but most. Right now, I'd give anything for a few good Kabbalah-versed rabbis, or some hot-shot, Vatican exorcists. At least we'd be on the same wavelength.

There was one test with a 'vampire' monkey. A chimp, actually. Remember the Mr. Muggs fiasco a few months back? Well they recaptured him (he keeps escaping, giving rise to countless Jersey Devil, Bigfoot and Chupicabra encounters.) taught him a few basic sublimation moves and shot him out of a canon. No, it wasn't actually a canon. But that's what it was like. Did they get him back alive?....... Are you kidding? But the frequency web did vacillate and wink out for a few nano seconds. So now we're gonna be space monkeys too. Boy, if my mother back in Old Andaluz could see this.

Wish me luck. They're buzzing for us. God, I could go for a good aroma candle right now. Green Apple-Amazonian Hemp would be real nice.......... Listen, see that Sarah gets my books if I don't come back. Edith knows where they are. She has them both, La Ciencia Vampirismo and my own journal too.... At least something of me will live on.............


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