Wednesday, November 30, 2011


It's clear and cold tonight. The sky looks pretty normal. We know those floating lakes are out there. We can see them during the day, sickening green smudges against the blue. Some people think they're growing. I can't tell. But you see less birds flying around now. Mr. Edith (her husband) says they navigate by heavenly landmarks, stars at night, the sun during the day. I guess the lakes spook 'em.

I was thinking. Whats going to happen when the sky disappears? Whats going to happen when the lakes grow into seas and the seas grow into oceans and the oceans become one super ocean? They say it'll be dark then. But that we know. I was worried about the 'noxious' ones, the feral vampires out there in the wilderness.  They just want the blood. You know those hissing, snarling, kitty-cat wannabes they show in horror movies? Well, I'm talkin' 'bout them. If I remember right, Jonathon and Sarah encountered a few on their pilgrimage to Jerusalem.. And they weren't even the really bad ones. The Indians on the Rancokas Reservation have stories. People don't think they have any reservations in New Jersey, but they do. Edith visits them sometimes. She's not an Indian. But that pow-wow stuff mixes it all together, old English pot-stirring stuff, French pixie magic, Dutch shadow-tappers. They got some old Leni-Lenape lore thrown in too. So they get together and trade professional secrets. Them what lives on the reservation gettin' worried. Got stories of the 'windago,' a night wraith known to blow through the woods killin' folks. Some a them think it's a vampire, or more likely a clan a vampires....... As if the Jersey Devil isn't enough..... And they say these wild types will tear through the darkness killing everything. Wise up, dummies. There's a lot more vampires out there than you think Minnie's still out there. Look her up. She's one. But she ain't wild though. We're talkin' 'bout something more akin to like a zombie, or a sloopy-lu-lu. See? You gotta keep up with  this stuff. You gotta read it every night. You think we're doing this to get rich? If that's what you think, then go to hell

Edith picked up something from Jonathon. She even got a look Saturn. Almost gave her a heart attack seein' somethin' that big up so close... So now she knows where he is. Sarah's out there too, but we ain't smelled nothin' from her. Jonathon's scared. Oh, he'll do it. He's all set to cooperate with them. Just give him the word and he'll 'snap to.' They're all mostly like that, the noble vampires in the 'Archangel Corp.' That's what they call it. Some a them can't wait. You know how guilty they get? A lot of them are self-haters to the tenth degree. Martyrs, they want to be. Sacrificed to save humanity. But they're still shittin' bricks. That is if they could shit bricks.

Every once in a while Edith gets in real close. Just like a little flea dug in right behind his ear. She hears him talkin' to this buddy he's got, another 'young' vampire from Old Andaluz, only this guy started out a Muslim. He went to Jerusalem when they all did, right when the crazy stuff started happening. And he got 'drafted' into the Archangels with the rest of them. Rafiq, his name is. Looks like he could be Jonathon's brother, or at least like a first cousin. They sit together after training exercises. Both of 'em are about ten hundred years old. Only Papa didn't 'turn' Rafiq, Some counterfeit 'jinn' from Numidia did that. The two of them share stories 'bout their human families.. what went on in the ha-reem, whose kitchen slaves made the best marzipan, hawks, falcons, hootchie-kootchie girls, horses, salukis. Like two regular sheiks they are. But it calms them and frees their minds from the terror yet to come.

What must it be like out there, sublimating through the horrible immensity of space, wrapped only in a thin, tight pressure suit?. Go berserk and you get sucked into the monstrous clouds of Saturn. I don't think even a vampire could fight his way out of something like that. And if they succeed. If say a few of them actually do scramble up the Enemy and bust up their frequencies, will they come back, or is this just a kamakazi operation?

But they still go by Earth time out there and Edith says in three hours we'll know..... Mr. Edith just shakes his head and smiles. He puttin' in a crop a mushrooms.......


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