Thursday, December 1, 2011


There are still vampires in Philadelphia. They're all not 'up amongst the stars.' Minnie still lives her life. Luna wanders about. And Blackie's here too. He was over in Jerusalem, but he came back. It's not that he lacked the spiritual sentiment and dedication of the others. He feels things too, but it just felt right for him. He visits the folks out in the Pines from time to time. The elves like when he comes. They wait for the toys. He always brings toys. They're more than three hundred years old. Maybe a lot more. Yet they still love dolls and games.

Albion and Roland are the hobbyists. They spend hours assembling tiny plastic villages, complete in every detail. When the juice is on, they run the trains. Celeste and Marianne like the dolls. Not baby dolls. Not play-things. They prefer fine collectibles.... the better Barbies..... little bisque princesses. Sure, it's rustic out here in the woodlands. But Mr. Edith set them up with a little out building. I think it was once a chicken coop, or a workshop, or something like that. But  it's been cleaned up. Edith even made some nice red and white checked curtains for it. They got shelves now, some pine benches, a few chests. There's no electricity. All the light comes from candles. But Pineys are careful about that stuff, so there's lots of glass 'hurricane' cylinders around here. No open flames. Nothing like that. They'll be all right. I wonder what would happen if some proverbial racketeers came out here to whack a 'mole.'? You know, some guy who was leaking secrets to the cops?. Imagine them snaking out into the forest, guns drawn, when they stumble on this little cozy cottage all lit up with flickering orange candle light. And then they peek into a window and see a few goodhearted  vampire kids quietly playing with their toys. The girls off to one side. The boys in theirs...... It makes me laugh. That is if I had teeth and a tongue and a wind pipe and a diaphragm I'd be laughing. But seeing as I am just a disembodied spirit, animated chuckles are out of the question. Still, I can dream, can't I? Zebulon wants toys too. After all, I'm only thirteen years old forever.

The sky lakes are multiplying, like dirty green spots on a cerulean leopard. Sunbeams still gets through. But when the waters run over a little bit and block them out, people down on the ground freeze. Nobody says a word. Mothers hug their children. Grannies start to pray. Radio reception is better than it ever was. I suppose the signals bounce off that alien force field. So all the nuts stay up all night calling in to talk shows and ranting 'bout 'the end of days.'  That must be a comfort.

What else did I want to tell you?......... Oh, yes. I wanted to tell you about Jonnathon and his buddies. He sits with Rafiq (like the twin he never had) and a little Canadian vampire, named Teddy. They're sitting together now. Two hours, maybe less and they leave. They'll scrunch their eyes shut tight. Pull on the Spiderman style face masks and shoot out  into the void to confront the Enemy. Teddy's ready to start crying. He misses his friends back in Winnipeg. You know he still lives in the house he had when he was a mortal? It's tucked into a quiet, little cul de sac, so that's no problem. He minds his own business, culls only the wicked and waves to all the neighbors. Kids love going to his house for Halloween. Levitates little Snickers bars for 'em. Drives some of the older ones to Friday night early shows at the multiplex. They don't know. Nobody knows. Nobody looks that close. This is Canada we're talking about, for God's sake. People there are polite.

And now, even though they don't know it, in a little while he'll be destroyed. But he'll do his bit....and the Enemy will be ever so slightly diminished.

They got bad creatures runnin' 'round in space. Zebulon knows. And once in a while we gotta fight 'em.....

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