Monday, January 16, 2012

EMPIRE OF THE JADE ORB --- choice two for the new story 'arc'

Please do not expect this one to be conversant in the preferred, classical manner. I stem from a remote corner by the Dragon's Spine Mountains in the western part of Meiguo, a land mass once known by the name 'Am-ree-ka. This one has lived in the Yinghuo city of Cinnabar for twelve years. I was sent out to this place, the planet known to your people as Mars, in the fifth year of the second San Shijie Emperor, to study the land and help develop its fecundity.

It was a great honor for one stemming from non-Han peoples and this one's parents were pleased to see me go. I traveled out deep within the belly of a sleek Sky Dragon. The ship held twelve hundred souls and made the transit in two moons. Was I sad upon my departure? In some ways. Kanji (Earth) was my home and this one's bones were suited to the gravity there. But the thought of setting shoes on another world tempted me. So I went.

Many people came to see us depart. Pioneers were given special silver badges. And forever after, the designation 'Pioneer' would be added to my name. My parents, siblings and relations have been out to see me many  times, usually at the season of the Lunar New Year, but they still reside in Meiguo, most in the vicinity of Mile-High-City. Do you know it? According to historians, it once bore the archaic name of Dehn-ver. And odd, it seems, to observe the Lunar New Year here on a world without a substantial moon. But the chronographers on Kanji keep us to the straight path in order that we do not forget. 

Have I ever been in the presence of the Second San Shijie Emperor? Twice. The first time, soon after my arrival, when he came out to bless the First Waters flowing through the New River. The second time occurred  during a trip back to Kanji. Although this one was not seated in the First Banquet Pavilion and only in the Third, I saw him as he progressed through the hall, acknowledging our presence, on his way to take his place at  the First Table.

But I also saw other things...and therein lies the sin. Please do not ask me to tell you now. Let us first begin to know and understand each other. Perhaps then I will bring you in. 

Life is complicated in The San Shijie (three worlds) Empire. And I pine  for the calming influence of Chanjuan (the Moon), for no such silver beauty decorates the Yinghuo skies. 

Ah, behold! Look, there lies the gates of Cinnabar. You'll like the city. It is quite cosmopolitan and in some ways the sister of Old Hong Kong. I know these beasts are uncomfortable. Two-humped camels are a most loathsome breed. Yet they thrive so on this world. See how their great camel toes dig into the rough, dry sand. What is it? What have I said? Why do  you laugh at me like that?..... Forgive this one. It is apparent I have much to learn about your world......


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