Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A YOUNG VAMPIRINO LEARNS WHY part II..a return to the night before Christmas Eve

Look back, oh best beloveds, for Jonathon sits with the scholars. He occupies a chair in the library of The Great Rashi. Do you remember it? Perhaps a trip back to our December twenty third post would be beneficial? Wander through that night and then come back, so that we may proceed.......

Jonnathon saw the lizard. He saw it run up the raw, stone wall and he knew. This was not his world. He was not on Earth. The details were wrong. Six legged Earth lizards do  not exist. And another 'disciple' seated at the table laughed. But then Rashi held up his hand and all were silent. 

Our Andalucian vampirino said - Why have these things happened? Why are we all changed? Explain it to me. For what purpose? I have asked others, but they hold back. They keep things secret. Why is this 'world' different from all other 'worlds'?.......Why?

Rashi looked at him, smoothed his linen tunic and spoke. He said - Because it was time. For every thing there is a season. And a time for every purpose under Heaven. Do you know those words?...........Jonathon nodded and the venerated philosopher of The Faith continued............. Humanity's cradle has been transformed. 

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