Friday, February 24, 2012

These are the days of EL RANCHO TEXACO ..... Burnt Orange Dawn

Colors were a little less vivid that day. Like nature gettin' ready for a dust up. Sky be suckin in all them itty-bitty particles a trouble and fixin' to spit 'em all back down. 

All the old folks was inside. They was plannin' stuff. Miss Sissie still wantin' a refugee into town. Miss Monica all nervous and jumpy-like. Know who she like? Picture that old time movie queen...the one they always talkin'  'bout. Fix you mind on that Marilyn Monroe. That who she like, 'cept her eyebrows less black. I don't know if the real one had black eyebrows or not, but somehow they always stick that way in my head. 

Monica got them same curvy-curves. Look like when they filled her up they put in just a pint too much water. Wears all them crisp shirty-shirts knotted up at the waist. Maybe her hair a little bit more red than the one in the history books, but that the only thing I see. 

And if you are interested, the first one ain't even officially dead no more. She got herself re- whelped by a big, ole, loud malfed turkey-headed bitch on some alien planet ain't even been 'scovered yet. Pretty, little turkey-headed thing too. But I am not very familiar with standards on that world.

Monica gawn do all what Bart say. She wanna be the good girl. She wanna be his bestest daughter-in-law. Even if her husband is presently in the early stages of death. He only done gawn 'gook' two months ago.  An' ev'rybody know Alec not the bestest son. But she got two kids and she wanna make sure they well fixed up. You know how pixilated old bastids can be when it come to dealin' out money. 

Not that she want Little Davey (he come from the better son) a be left out. She just wanna make sure her brood right in there wit him.

Now they all drinkin' tea. Coffee ain't no more. It all gone. Two cowboy wives 'doin'' in the house for 'em . Miss India all quiet. She always all quiet. You wanna get her fixed up in your head? Well, she like another one a them 'back in the day' movie wimmen. She like Mrs. Spartacus. She like Jean Simmons. Maybe her hair ain't the same color. I don't know. Maybe it is.

Bart try call the city. Skypes is down. He usin' a little baby phone, kind they gives senile, old jitter-hands in them 'ain't we helpin' you die nice' joints. But truth is that one dead too. 

Couple sky-ponies is missin'. Bart figures somebody  grabbed 'em last night. Could a been a lone Tuva-Tuva. Whole band would a taken 'em all. Chinese goomers woulda killed all the people. They don't need no human individuals. Got enough a their own already. They wants the land. 

Miss Sissie lightin' candles. She do that all the time now, sayin' prayers for all her people what wound up dead. Askin' God to bring 'em all up outta La Polvarosa (that the name a the ranch) and set 'em down in the city. Barsoom only 'bout ninety miles away...but how things is now, it might as well be a million. India got her own kind a 'God talk.' She a 'born again,' an' maybe, the way this here war goin' she get a chance to do it all a third time.

Bart know they gotta leave. He knowed that long time ago. Got all them Texaco records and bank 'count numbers and deeds and all in a little sack 'round his neck. It all on a bunch a chips. He doan trust no internet. God damn bunch a twenty three year old assholes sittin' at 'think boards'  drinkin cat-shit-coffee, messin' up other people lives. And them androids is even worse. Like to hose 'em all down wit vinegar. Kill 'em up real good.

Kids is outside. Cowboys guardin' em. Gotta let 'em breathe a little, don't you know. Little Davey cryin'. He miss them sky-ponies. He miss 'em real bad. Miss his daddy too. Zeb in the city. He workin' for the government. He safe. Shame he can't swoop down in one a them little Chinese football thingies and get 'em. Shame he can't do lot a things. 

Big blues (huge grasshoppers) real loud. Not usually like that this early. Somethin' mus' be jazzin' 'em up. Monica's big one think it the dust devil (weak twister) snakin' in from the south. But cowboys makin' sqinty-eyes at them hills.

They think like it somethin' else.......

You know Bart  got a bunch a pills? Did I tell you that? Use 'em to put down a horse what be 'sick.' Does it fast. Does it painlessly. Does it clean. 

Folks say they got the same effect on people.

Let's hope nobody here gotta find out.......


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