Wednesday, July 4, 2012

SECRETS NOBODY TELLS YOU.... sojourns in the Mer-folk world

The Great Speaker looks a lot like Anderson Cooper, maybe not from the waist down. But you have to admit the white hair, pale skin and cerulean eyes suit Mer-folk, especially when paired with sleek, strong, dolphin-like tails. He laughs a lot too. Not that any sound is produced. Although the sharp, staccato pulses radiating from his trim midsection sometimes tickles...or so I'm told. 

Luna enjoys his company. Not that his Wifely Retinue likes it, but she's a guest, so the random couplings are tolerated...... inter-humanoid hospitality, after all. He even let let take a little taste... a few little tastes.... Papa teases her about 'having a 'thing' for seafood,' but he understands. Over the millennia  he's 'nested' with quite a few comely Lorelei. It's rumored he's even 'turned' a few. But that's only if you believe Homer. You can ask Papa, though he never says...

The United Nations passed a secret resolution. Mer-folk will be granted colonization rights in certain, isolated coastal areas. Three lie along uninhabited stretches of Western Australia. One surrounds a remote, military controlled island in Hawaii. I remember something about a California Channel island too. Supposedly there will be fifteen such habitations in all. Details are classified. 

For their part, Mer-folk have agreed to allow scientific testing and observation, all very humane. None of that perverted, Nazi, Mengele, Satan stuff. Don't want to make them angry. Not like we want them to fiddle with sub-surface sea flow. If you've been with us for a while, you know they can do that. A few discreet, little undersea landslides (well, maybe not so little) and the Gulf Stream, plus a lot a other 'streams' gonna go huey. You want Cherry Hill, New Jersey to wind up like Reykjavik?.... I don't.

Now, the truth is, small groups of fishy people have been frequenting isolated bays and estuaries all along. They accompany the great whales on their seasonal migrations. That's how vampires first encountered them in ages past. It also explains sightings, especially those claimed by scared, desperate whalers. Don't think there's any photographic record though. Not like that famous Big Foot film. Yes, it's real. What did you think? You know, Gorillas were viewed as mythological, Big Foot-like creatures a few hundred years ago, too. There's a lot out there. That's one of the reasons some governments are so eager to collaborate...with the Mer-folk, I mean. Gonna use them when we visit Europa. Vampires helped us link up with them. And they're gonna help us hook up with the Manta-Ray people. It's a small world, after all....the circle of life.... What do you want me to tell you.

Oh, before I go, let me tell you this. When the Great Speaker breached the surface to parlay with all them science guys on those ships, a few of them thought he actually WAS Anderson Cooper. Took videos and everything. But they never got the tail, so it don't count. What are they gonna say - We saw some cable TV cutie pie skinny dipping off some semi-tropical isle?..... Come on... What else is new? Besides, I hear 'First Womb' (like premiere wife, or queen) bears a striking likeness to one a them big assed, Kardashian girls... the real pretty one, I think. 

How many years you think it's gonna take before all this gets out? Me, I can't tell, because you never know with people..... Look, they STILL think vampires are fake, don't they? ..... OK, so they ain't like them lurid, sloppy, drooling bastards on HBO. Please, if vampires had fangs like that, they'd enslave about a million dentists. You KNOW how vain they are. Cat teeth...little cat teeth...That's what they got. And you ever know a sloppy-eatin' cat?

This is Zebulon  channelin' tonight. I been waftin' through the ether wit' Mister Never You Mind. That 'splains my pixilated way a speechifyin'...

May y' all bite into a right, nice Fourth of July, or Fourth a Thermador like them powder-wigged Frenchies called it...

Liberty, equality and whatever that third thing was.

Hasta la proxima to all human beans everywhere.

                                   1776 1776 1776 

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