Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Conrad did not care about the Higgs Boson particle (Google it) nor recent developments in Mer-folk diplomacy. Edith kept them informed. She'd returned from a spell with her husband in the Pines. High temperatures drove her back. Not necessarily to the vampires, but to their air conditioning. True, Tomas and Sarah often spent days deep in the sub-basements of The Penn Museum. It was cooler there. But they also frequented a certain rarely rented suite in a severely modern, Center City, Philadelphia boutique hotel. The manager was a 'familiar.' Tomas brought him things...baubles, stacks of bills, vials of life preserving blood (just the tiny ones) and he provides convenient services in return. 

Sarah liked the decor..... dark rich, hardwood floors...recessed lighting....trim, sleek, grey velvet sofas..... a vast, tropical fish tank housing undulating clouds of black and white Zebra Fish. She sampled the gourmet vodkas on the bar. Life-eaters are not denied alcohol, probably because it's not an actual food. Whiskey, yes... pretzels no..... That's just the way it is. 

Tomas toyed with a not yet dead victim. The man, dressed in a cowboy hat and harem pants, sat cross-legged on a large, silk, peach colored pillow, his hands cuffed 'round an architectural pillar rising from the floor. From time to time he mumbled, promising money and whores and chocolate milk factories in France in exchange for his freedom. It was pathetic. His crimes were too great. Adulterated chocolate 'milk' can be lethal, especially to sensitive,  little children. And for that...he must die.

Our young/old Andalucian vampirino rubbed the mouse across the victim's lips. Almost anything can become food after seven days. At first the man cried. He retched. He pleaded. And Tomas pulled back. Then he rolled the stiff, cold rodent in the leftovers on Edith's salad plate....mostly tuna fish, I think, before offering it up once more.

The man reflexively drooled. His tongue peeked out to taste just a tiny bit of the savory fish and mayonnaise concoction...... but Tomas pulled back again. This time the victim broke into tears. He sniffed and whispered - More, more, more, please, more........ And Tomas gave him more, after plastering mousy's head with copious dollops of day-old egg salad for good measure.

The man ate, this time biting off a crunchy, little fore paw. You know, the fine, tiny bones add lots of texture. Tomas dangled the disgusting 'treat' just beyond the yellow, dirty teeth...... The starving man whimpered in frustration. Then the vampire lowered it back down, tickling a stubbled cheek with the dry, dead, pale pink nose. The poisoned chocolate milk baron opened wide, ready to take the meal. Tomas slowly lowered it onto his waiting tongue. For the first time in days the victim was happy, giggling manically  as he chewed.

Yet before he could swallow his noxious wad, Conrad (the former monk) knelt down to drain him dry.... but the victim never knew...and his jaws continued working after death.

Conrad never spilled a drop. Quick learner, that one.

Sarah put down her drink and sighed....... I want to go to the movies. - she said....... So Tomas took her out to see a show....... And after, while returning home, they stopped in a secluded alley for some dinner of their own..... just like the Lady and The Tramp...... Well, almost....


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