Thursday, July 5, 2012

A PLACE SO MUCH LIKE DON'T want to wind up there.. 7/05/12

Before Papa left the Mer-folk, he took Luna to see a certain place, an undersea cave, actually, but somehow filled by a vast bubble of air. There are other places like it, but this is the biggest. It snakes through the Earth's crust for miles, at some points coming dangerously close the red hot, oozing mantle. The walls are rough and warm. The air is damp and thick. Colonies of fresh water mollusks occupy scattered, shallow pools. And it's dark, though not pitch black. A rare form of primitive 'pond scum' growing on the walls provides tiny bits of pulsating, weak, blue flickers.

The classic, Greek, under-world was like this. Maybe they knew something? Papa brings people here. He's done so for ages. Just grabs them unawares, wraps his arms 'round them and sublimates down to this repulsive place and just leaves them. It's his version of divine judgement. Never says a word. Don't take no credit. Scoops 'em up and plops 'em down. Something about the pond scum makes them live long..... real long. A certain murderous, corrupt governor of a notorious ancient Persian satrap is still there, weeping in the corners..... scraping up the mussels and jabbering away in archaic Farsi. And he ain't alone. Forty eight others are down there with him. Some never say a word. Just sleep all the time. Guess they get numb to the sticky air after a while. One guy sings cowboy songs, one after the other. He ain't been here too long.

Luna wanted to go touch 'em. But Papa wouldn't let her. Don't want to interrupt their punishment. They get real crazy when they accidentally bump into each other. Start slappin' their hands around in the dark and screamin'.

Luna said - Why'd you bring me here?........ But Papa just shrugged. He knows a lot a weird places. Once he DID take a guy out. But that was only after like twelve thousand years. Figured he learned his lesson by then. Now he's a hair dresser in Kansas City, Missouri. Don't know what beauty school he went to. Can't tell you that. But I DO know he got good grades.

Sometimes it just goes that way. Nothing counts for nothing. Shit just happens. A few guys get punished. But a lot don't......

That's just the way it is.....

And what are you gonna do about it?

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