Friday, July 6, 2012

Little Annie Wants to Run Away (and make a 'mommy')

I don't like when MY Conrad goes bouncin' his ass out all over town wit' them other sons-a-bitches, 'cause I made him and he's MINE. He is now my daddy. Who the hell cares who 'made' me? He can go to hell. I MADE MYSELF! I MADE MYSELF! So shut your fat, pig-shit gash 'fore I rip it off!

Been readin' magazines. Don't know all the words, but they got pictures, so I do pretty good. Wanna go back to California. I know you was told lots a stuff, but the part about California is true. I miss the big, tall palm trees. I miss livin' in garages. They was fancy garages, all made up like cute, little-bitty houses. Studios, I think you call 'em. My 'fleshy' mommy was a 'yes, ma'am. what can I get you?' lady. She worked for this real big movie star, who I wish would go to hell and die. You know her tits are all outta whack, 'cause some shitty doctor cooked 'em up all wrong. I could a done better  wit' a Dora the Explorer manicure kit I had. But she wouldn't let me. Good for her. Let her get sat on by a elephant. I hope she does. If I get back there, I am gonna kill her real good.

Me an' Conrad gonna go. I know where he keeps the money. Tomas, I mean. Baylah too. They got diamonds and gold in there. I seen it. Edith knows. He got a little, old box just full a stuff. I figure if I scoop out enough, we ought a be able to buy a real nice RV, like a bus...what Tim McGraw rides in. Conrad says he knows how to drive it. And I do not think he's lying. But if I'm wrong, I am gonna kill him up real bad. I got a list. I gonna kill a lot a folks up real bad.

You just see. You just wait and see. I wonder if they let vampires on TV? Real ones, I mean. I wonder if they'd let me go on Chelsea Lately? Maybe I could dance around and sing a little song? I like it when she says the 'king' a the words. She better let me on her show.......She BETTER! Or first I gonna get Chuey and next, I'm gonna get her.

Lemme stop now. Edith comin' back and I want to see what kind a colorin' books she brung me...

My head itches, but Edith says no little vampire girl can get head lice....Damn, I hope she right....


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