Sunday, October 7, 2012


She still in a daze. Annie, I mean. Head wound startin' a heal. Maybe she be regular, cursin' self in like two days or so. Right now she dreamin' 'bout PRICE IS RIGHT. That her bestest show. Watch it when she sleepin'. You know, on little TV she got. Wanna play PLINKO, but seein' as they do not film that show at night, she gone have to make do wit' the home game. 

They got her stretched out on a ole wood table. Big table. Furrier used a use it for coat makin'. Don't see too many dead-critter coats no more, less it a dead cow coat, or like a dead bull, or maybe some kind a sheep. Sheep coat small funny. You could have it hundred years. It still gone smell funny.... like 'human' or somethin'. Maybe that how you smell to vampire?

Doctah bastid come in. He the pediatrician. Fix up little mafia dudes what ain't wanna go to juvvie hall. Doctah bastid smell funny too. Think he must a jus' had a chop-liver sang-witch.

He say - how I gawn do this? Ain't no germ free environment in here. Gangster boy say - What you mean, 'germ free environment?' She a vampire. She lick blood off a dead  wino, you dumb son-a-bitch. Now fix her up!

Doctah take out them big, ole tweezer. Then he put the gloves on. Tight ones. Rubber ones. Come in pink box. Look like Kleenex.  He say - Do me favor. Comb her hair back a little so I can she what you did......... Gangster boy Number Two brush it back a little...... Doctah say - Quit playin' wit' it. That enough!....... You see, Gangster boy Number Two use a be hairdresser, so he like it jus' so....... Doctah ask for scissors. They give him some. He snip off some a her scabby, stringy hair..... Then he go - Jesus Christ! What you tryin' do, make a bowlin' ball outta her head!?......... 'Cause I gotta tell you. Them three hole do look like bowlin' ball hole........ Gangster boys don't say nothin'. He gettin' paid. What they gotta talk for? So he stick his finger in first. Feel 'round a little. Pull finger out. Go in wit' tweezer. Badda bing, badda bam!  (Mister Never-You-Mind what they call 'multi-lingual')Four heartbeat later he got it. Mus' be like takin' seed outta pumpkin, or watermelon, or somethin'. Maybe like pin a tail on the fat ass, 'cause you can't see what you doin'....... 

Soon they got three squashed up bullet in a ole ash tray from Golden Nugget in 'Lantic City. Not new Golden Nugget, old Golden Nugget. Ash tray like twenty five year old. All crappy, like a ole ash tray in a car fixin' garage.

Doctah say - Gimme the Krazy Glue, 'cause now I gone glue in the new bone. You got donor bone, like I say, don't you?..... Gangster boy Number One go 'Yeah, it in the back.'......... Well, git it - say the Doctah. I not got all day....... So Gangster boy Number Two open up like a storage room wit' a tied-up, freaked out bald guy in it. Bald guy start twistin' hisself all up. He doan wanna sit still for nothin'. Got dirty rag in his malf. He wanna throw up, only ain't got time, 'cause one a them Gangster boy go 'pop-pop-pop' right in a his ches'. Almost shoot him in a head, 'cause it like a force a habit, but then he remember not to.

Doctah get bone out with dis little tool he got, like a special saw, or somethin'. Bald bastid real cooperative now, 'cause he all good an' dead..... Ten minute later she all fixed up. Krazy Glue scalp back in place an' everythin'. The one what used to play 'round wit' wimmen's hair make her look real nice. Wipe her face off. Fix her clothes. She look good 'nuf for dead box. They even break open a little vial a blood an' drip it in her malf. Don't ask me where they get it. Mafia got all kind a shit. Two heartbeat later she covered up wit' ole mink stole and they leave. 

It dark. It quiet. Door locked. She 'sleepin'. 

But that when the smoke what say it her mama start talkin'...

That when the sheep smell get real bad...


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