Monday, October 8, 2012


They didn't know where she was. Tomas was worried. Sarah, who played 'Wendy' to Annie's 'lost girl' was worried too. Even Edith was worried. She called from The Pines. She knew. She felt it. Mister Edith drove her back. He was ready to get rid of her for a while anyway. The best thing that ever happened to him was when she hooked up with the vampires. But she made him stop at a WalMart along the way, so she could pick up some 'nice' fleece stuff for the winter. You know, those granny sweat shirts with the kitty kat appliques on them? Got some suede, ankle, 'lady' boots too. Tomas and the others are more than willing to cover her expenses, but Jersey Pine folks are proud. Besides, Mister Edith and his daddy made quite a good living from some discrete, little stills they operated back where the woods were really thick. You know them Jersey Devils are good workers. He use 'em a carry messages back and forth to customers. They doan make much noise wit' them wings. 

Them 'elf' vampires helped out too. Not wit' the moonshine. Wit' findin' Annie, I mean. 'Elferino-Vampirinos' they calls 'em. For the girls, all you gotta do is change them 'O's' to an 'A.' It  ain't hard. We got four a them.... Marianne an' Albion..... an' Celeste an' Roland.  But way I hear it, Marianne an' Roland more like a couple. If you been runnin' wit' us a while, you know 'bout them. If not, jus' Google - elferino-vampirino by Billy Kravitz .... (that the wilkravitz what types this..... I only whispers it in his ear). Think we got somethin' stuck up over there. 

Edith say Annie in 'frigerator. That what she feel. That what it look like. Say she smell rancid meat. I try tell her it from ole mink stole, but she doan communicate wit' me too good. Tomas gonna go ask Doctor Franklin, 'cause that ole man know lotta stuff. But Sarah say - Why you gotta get Anti-Enchantment-Bureau all messed up in this?..... So he ain't done it yet. 

Conrad  and Leo walk up an' down the streets lookin' every which way. But crap they do ain't worth shit. Some new vampires is real cry babies. Tomas say they hole up in bookstore readin' nasty magazine. Sarah ask 'em if it true. But they say 'no' an' run upstairs. Think they drawin' up ideas for comic book, or something... but I think it gonna be hard for vampire a get a agent.

Smoky thing go 'psss, psss, psss' in Annie's ear. Smoky thing tell her stuff. Say it her momma. Annie lay real still. She not better yet. Brains all screwed up. Doctah fella come back, stick his head down on her chest. Then he say - Look, I doan know what no vampire heart supposed a sound like, 'cause they not spend much time on that in bein'-doctah school....... Gangster boy wanna kill him, but his daddy say you can't kill ev'rybody, 'cause that not nice.

So they jus' gotta wait. See, what they wanna do is siphon off a little blood. Save it for mafia guy what get shot up too much. Gangster boy know how strong it is. Night-folk bastid in Baltimore sell him some once. But he want a private supply. Annie gonna be like a moo-cow. Doan know how she like that.

Smoky thing want her a kill herself. Say they be all wit' each other then. Annie not know her momma dead. Think she still in California. Smoky thing say she fall off a bus or a truck or somethin'....... Gee I use a like pumpkin pie. Seed some in the kitchen. Edith bring it wit' her. Get it from WalMart, but it like from the gourmet section. Wish I could eat some. Maybe if I pass through it few time that be jus' as good...... Annie brain still all outta whack. But that not stop her from cryin'. She do want her momma. Even bastid like her need 'momma-hug' ev'ry once in a while.

But you gotta be careful wit' talkin' smoky stuff. 'Cause mos' of it jus' full a shit.

Them elferino-vampirinos flyin' all over too. Even got the cherubs doin' it. I tell you 'bout them some other time. Caretaker wife at Laurel Hill Cemetery got ouija board. Tomas not like ouija board, 'cause he a real, Bible-lovin' Jew. So they go over there to do it. Got a little cottage all mixed in wit' them ole, mossy gravestones. Look like an ole fashion picture from weird storybook.  Elves an' her sit on floor by fireplace. Ask question..... Get answers. Ole, dead furrier guy say he know somethin'. But sometime he spell out crap in crazy talk, like Yiddish or Hungarian or like The Three Stooges do, so they not really know nothin'.

I try an' tell 'em. But 'cept for that wilkravitz, none of 'em know I here...

Gangster boy settin' up tubes now. He gonna draw off the blood. Other gangster boy supposed a help him. But he gotta finish a hoagie first...


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