Saturday, November 17, 2012

19TH NaNoWriMo Novel In a Month episode for 11/17/12

Bingo Boy - post 19

So Marge unlocks the door and enters. Jimmy looks up. He studies her closely. Sure she's a little beat up, but life'll do that to you. She tries. And that's what's important. You know what she's like? Like maybe Melinda Dillon from Close Encounters, or Goldie Hawn, but only if they survived Auschwitz and escaped with a lot a Kmart hootchie outfits.

And she locks eyes on Jimmy too. Some old guys still got it, especially if they made it through the Soviet prison system. Never had a client like him before. This one might be a challenge..... She puts the tray down on the floor and sits straddling his legs. OK, maybe her descent wasn't as graceful as it could have been, but you got a give her credit. Black bike shorts? Come on.

Jimmy looks at her, suddenly aware of his nearly naked state, but still defiant. Marge say - Now what'll it be?...... He answers in a low, parched growl - The Borscht. Gimme the borsht.... Marge goes - But remember, I don't know if it's supposed to be served hot or cold....... Jimmy says - Is OK. Is OK........ So she begins to carefully spoon it into his mouth. Just like feeding a baby. He's thirsty and hungry and desperate for the food...... Marge says - Is it good?....... He licks some off his lips and slowly nods..... She smiles, just a little. Then feeds him some more. A few drops drip down onto his chest and run down his belly. She blots them up with a bit of the blanket that covers him. He studies her face, as she does. But the big, tattered, yellow bow 'round his neck bothers him and he tries to move it out of the way with his chin..... She notices and helps him, but it takes time, since the knot is small and tight.... Her fingers brush his neck... He tries to move his hips... She notices and looks into his eyes. Then she scootches up even closer. He breathes deeply.... She says - You know, for an old fart you look pretty good.... He moves his hips. She giggles.... Then the bow is off... The bowl is empty. She says - You want some more?..... He shakes his head 'no'.......... She manages to get back up on her feet, gathers the stuff and goes - Maybe later I'll bring you some soap and water and toothpaste and all... And a bed pan too. I'll bring you a bed pan. I got one upstairs....... He rattles his chains and goes - Who gonna wash me... you?...... She says - Yeah..... and goes upstairs.


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