Saturday, March 16, 2013


Edith was crying. Tomas found her like that. The sun had just about set and he was getting ready for the evening. He can take 'the gloaming' in small doses, but prefers waiting for true nightfall. Sarah saw too, but she didn't know what to do. He did. 

Some counter guy in the delicatessen hurt her. He snubbed her. Edith goes in there to buy food for herself and wilkravitz. Even the vampires filtch a mouthful or two. They grab what they like. They remember mortal favorites, even if it means throwing it all up a few minutes later. Sometimes visitors from The Pines eat over too. 

And everyone likes Edith. She's nice to everybody. Always gives money to local charities and makes sure the little old bird house by the back door is never empty. But this guy made like she wasn't there. Smirked to some bitch next to her. I guess they were talkin' about her when she walked in. She's all happy and all. Edith enjoys walking around the neighborhood. Never expects to run into things like this. They all think she's a housekeeper. A regular 'Hazel.' That's what she is. Sits down for a cup a coffee (maybe a sticky roll) a few times a week. Gives birthday cards to everybody. She's from The Pines. People act that way.  And she DOES have a certain insecurity about living in the city. She DOES think people look down on her for that. 

Look, who knows what she did? Who knows what she said? Probably nothing. But some people like power plays. Maybe the smirking bitch spends more money? Maybe the deli guy likes her? Who the hell knows? But Edith was there to take what they were throwing. And now Tomas feels really bad. You know how empathetic and emotional life-eaters can be? He can visualize the whole thing. He can see right into her head. Saw her quietly hug her pocketbook, swallow down a tear and walk out. Saw her slowly trace her way up and down the aisles of the nearby supermarket, as she sadly put items into her cart. When she checked out, the cashier said - Honey, are you all right?.... Edith gave her a quick, little closed mouth smile and nodded. Then she silently walked home, put all the stuff away and sat staring out at the little, backyard garden. She takes things to heart. She'll be like this for days. 

But Tomas wasn't having any of it. Not HER.  She did nothing wrong. He KNOWS how she feels. But that other one was gonna face the music. Not a 'culling.' He wasn't gonna feed on him. He was gonna do something altogether different. 

Edith came up with the name. wilkravitz, via the computer, found the address. And ten minutes later he left. Most of the night proceeded normally. But later...much later, he had a certain stop to make. And no alarm can keep him out. 

That deli guy must be the owner. Does well. Nice condo. Balcony, river view... everything. Neighbor on one side a big D.J.. Other side got a district attorney. But Tomas don't care about them. Not tonight. 

He sublimated through the glass doors, soundlessly making his way through the almost tasteful Bauhaus interior. TV light flickered out from the bedroom. Goes in. Turns it off. Sits down. You know those guys who are slightly in shape, but with a smooth sleek veneer of too much subcutaneous fat all over their body? Looks like they're maybe twenty five percent dolphin, or something? Well, that's what we had here. Salt and pepper hair, almost Mitt Romney style, a real pastrami Lothario. But nothing much on the wrong side of the counter.

So Tomas moves his seat into a moonbeam. Then he clears his throat. Guy wakes up. Rubs his eyes. Blinks. Notices and goes - Jesus Christ!..... But before he can do anything else, Tomas levitates up from the chair, floats over the bed (nine foot ceilings) and points right down at the guy's face. He quietly says - You, sir, have a debt to pay... Then he smiles, so the guy can see his fangs ... Three heartbeats later, pudgy pees the bed.

Tomas says - Put on some warm clothes..... The guy does. He shakes. He trembles, but he does. Turtleneck, well actually a mock turtleneck. His jawline won't tolerate the real thing.  Sweatshirt...pants... big, woolly socks...jacket...scarf (the cashmere kind they sell on the street in Florence for souvenirs). He's ready. And he wants to talk. He wants to say something, but he's so scared, he just can't. 

Winces when Tomas comes up behind and grabs him 'round the chest. Two heartbeats later they sublimate through the exterior bedroom wall  (powerful vampires can do that with a passenger too, don't you know) and shoot up into the freezing darkness, til the Delaware River is no more than a gunmetal, icy ribbon down below.

Guy starts kicking his feet. Starts trembling. Guess that leather jacket wasn't doing too much up there. Goes - Who are you!? What are you!? What are you gonna do!?? Aachh! Aachh! Aachh! 

Tomas makes like he's losing his grip. Guy goes - No! No! No!...

Then Tomas whispers - You know a regular customer named Edith?...... Guy don't say a thing, but Tomas can tell that he does, so he loosens his grip just a little and whispers - Well, I do.... Then he unclasps his hands, raises them over his head and watches as the pastrami king plummets toward the water down below.  Hit the surface at one-sixty miles an hour. Belly flopped right into it.  SMACK!!! Bones sink to bottom. Flesh floats on top. More like a grease slick, actually. Never found a body. Brother-in-law took over. Folks say he's a lot nicer. That bitch woman nicer now too.... 'Somebody' put the fear of God in her..... 

You know what I mean?

Edith never knew what happened. And maybe the guy really did want a chance to talk...

But who cares?

That's what happens when vampires right wrongs...

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