Monday, March 18, 2013


They sat in a back booth and drank coffee.  Sarah and  Tomas did that sometimes. There was a little twenty four hour pancake house... knotty pine walls... old-timey.  Had a regular waitress too, Cheryl. They always sat with Cheryl. Place looked out on South Street. Yeah, 'that' South Street. The one from the 60's song. The one where all the hippies meet. Only vampires meet there too.  Tonight they got crepes... real light, lemon-sugar crepes. If you cut them up into tiny pieces and mash them around it looks like you ate most of it. But the coffee they can drink. Certain liquids (like alcohol) don't bother them too much. And the coffee's good here. Very aromatic. Night-folks like that.

It's real quiet in there now. Sunday's an early night. Even the twenty-somethings who stretch the weekend with an extra round of clubbing duck out by twelve. Another couple sat up front. That was it. All the other seats were empty. Tomas liked it, because the place didn't have a big plate glass window, but little cafe style ones peering out from the booths. Had tie-back curtains and everything. Goldie-Locks and the Three Bears could eat in there.

Sarah said, 'How do you feel? About what you did last night, I mean.'......He just shrugged. But you could tell that it bothered him...... Tomas whispered, 'Don't say anything to Edith. I don't want her to know. But that son of a bitch was a real bastard. I know what she went through. I could see it. I could feel it. I could tell. She was the hillbilly Piney woman. That's what he thought. That's how he treated her.  And she took it, because the place was nearby and she doesn't like to leave the house that long while we're all sleeping. Even when she has her sticky buns it only takes like twenty minutes. No, Edith is a good soul. She didn't deserve that. And that blond bitch from the next block got her bra on straight now too, I want you to know. Scared her real good....

'What did you do to her?' said Sarah..... 'Nothing. I didn't do a thing. I didn't touch her. Just 'vaporized' up through the bedroom floor and stood over her. Told her what's what, that's all,' he said..... Sarah laugh-snorted a mouthful  of coffee..... Cheryl looked up from her Star Magazine to ask, ' You, ok, hon? You want some napkins?'..... Sarah told her they didn't need any, but she brought them some anyway. Guess she thought it helped justify her tip.  She didn't have to do that. Everybody knows vampires are good tippers.

Sarah wanted to know if the blond could tell her night visitor was Tomas. But he said she kept whimpering ' Malcolm? Malcolm? Malcolm?' so I guess she didn't.  Besides, it was dark. And who expects Malcolm to come rising up through the broadloom (warmer in a bedroom, you know) ?

Thing is, Tomas didn't want to kill the pastrami guy. Didn't even know he was gonna do it til the last second.  And that was pretty strange for him. He's an 'older' vampire. They're usually less impulsive. Look at 'Papa.' He can sit and stare at a rock in the garden for three weeks. Not during the day. But you know what I mean. Boy, talk about 'Zen,' I'll tell you.

But something was eating him. You know how he gets this time of year. Biblical experts tell us the true meaning of the term is not Passover, but 'The Hovering.' God does not say 'I shall pass over you and then move on.' He says, 'I shall hover over you and protect you, now and forevermore.' Tomas feels that. He remembers, for he had a visitation while still a mortal. I don't know all the particulars. He keeps it close. But one night, during the Pascal tide, an angel came to him. Perhaps while he was studying, or maybe at prayer. The Messenger said (and this was the message he relayed. he was not speaking for himself) I am The Unity, like unto there is none else. No thing can separate Me from thee. I am The Creed for all creation. I am the One True Shining Faith. I am the Light that shines through every wall. I am the Straight Road Home. I am the Pure and Simple Thing. I am One, so 'you' are one.' And in that instant, Tomas, rightly known as Jonathon, as a physical singularity, saw every sentient being, ever born or too be born anywhere in the omniverse...... Now, after almost one thousand years, Jonathon known as Tomas still hears it and even the fact of his 'burden,' his vampirism cannot void it's truth.

Tomas didn't want to be a vampire anymore. He didn't want it. Not that he ever really did. But this year felt different.

A bit later, while walking back home, he went into an all night market and purchased a package of matzoh, a package of Pascal Bread..... the bread of haste.... the bread of the poor.... the most basic form of sustenance wrought by the hand of man.... just water... just wheat.... and nothing more. 

Would he eat it? Who knows? But he carried it with him.

And I am Johannon, the one who saved him from the flames...

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