Saturday, May 25, 2013

Don Jon Collab RE: MY FAVORITE THINGS.. Another break from the paranormal BUT TONIGHT'S POST JUST MIGHT HELP YOU GET DISCOVERED...REALLY...GO SEE and send your friends ... 5/26/13

This is 'money' colored...well, sort of, because who knows? It could happen ...Right? We all want an 'in.' We all want Hollywood 'uncles.' (or aunts)....But until you get a chance to re-arrange your gene pool, watch this. Joseph Gordon Levitt has a site, in some ways like PROJECT GREEN LIGHT sponsored by Ben Affleck (excuse spelling) & Matt Damon a few years ago. Only this one offers instant gratification. Jump in. Become part of a major project. Collaborate... (not with the enemy...with FILM MAKERS!!) And the weird thing is... they WANT to see our work... No more 'who sent you?'..... No more fake recommendations, or self-created competition prizes..... I do so value my AMERICAN SYNOD of SCREENWRITERS award even IF people always ask me to explain the three letters on my t-shirt.

OK, no more 'jokes.' DREAM BIG. DREAM NOW. JUST DO IT. who cares if that's somebody else's line... As they say, 'it's all in the execution.' 

So go execute something... and post it to the site Joe talks about in the video below. I wanted to feature it up at the top, but BLOGGER just let me do it this way. I play by the rules...just don't know most of 'em... And if you'd like to do me a very small, though much appreciated favor, PLEASE peek at some of my STORY ARCS. All you have to do is click on this ~> BILLY'S STORY ARCS ..... Then leave a comment so WE can all see YOUR LINK and peek at YOUR SITES too!...OK, there's the video. WATCH IT!

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