Sunday, May 26, 2013

WORLD WAR Z - United Kingdom trailer...see it at the bottom of this blog post.... 5/27/13..

You want to know why the media bombards us with so much paranormal stuff? They want to cloud the issue. They want to relegate it to frass (roach feces) seasoned popcorn in sticky floored multiplexes and sullen, big bellied twenty somethings who sit up front and slouch down real low. It's just 'simple minded' entertainment for video game addicts and fast food junkies.

They want to belittle the whistle blower. They want to scare people, but not like you think. They want to label people as misinformed, or mistaken, or troubled, or liars, or crazy. And even those with 'the right stuff'... even astronauts who've seen things up close, stay silent for decades. It's a horrible thing to be laughed at... It's torture. 

But sometimes things leak out. Sometimes facts escape. Somebody takes a photograph or maybe a video. Someone records a sound, or discovers a body. Only we live in the land of NEED TO KNOW. And if you ain't in the loop, you can go to hell.

Senior politicos get briefed. Those with power know. Their physicians are able to apply reverse engineered alien elixirs. Their children get algebra1 and algebra2 uploaded right into their brains.  And their enamoradas stay young a long, long, long, long time. The rich are different than you or me. And not because of the cash, but because of who, or what they know. 

We try to slip you the truth in our STORY ARCS. We try to learn you what's right. That old, old book the vampires refer to... LA CIENCIA VAMPIRISMO, really exists. Clerics have been burning it for centuries, along with loud mouthed cognoscenti too. Aliens were termed 'demons' or 'moth-men' or 'little folk' or 'elves.' Eighty four point five percent of all that JERSEY PINES crap we tell you is true. Folks in PHILADELPHIA have actually SEEN the HORRIFIC GHOUL known as Johnny Jump Up. And one of them 'fake' BEN FRANKLINS people shake hands and take pictures with on the streets of Old Philadelphia, ain't really fake at all. (can you spot the real one?).

There's a reason we had to show you the United Kingdom trailer. When you see the movie, you'll know.

And if you go back and skim through our posts, you'll see things too. Seven hundred thousand words is a lot. Arcane knowledge is hidden throughout. Putting it together and posting every night is work. We know they're watching. But we do it anyway. They make us pretend that it's fiction. They make people pretend a lot a things....

But now you know....

here's a bit of little known knowledge. human blood, due its iron content, has magnetic properties. want to try it out? then do this. get a hold of one of them light weight, small, plastic-faced, refrigerator magnets. Press it against your forehead, just above the middle of your brow ridge . you'll find a little 'hollow' spot. that's the place. blood flows near the surface there and after a few seconds the magnet should stick, caught by the tiny metallic particles in your veins... so we're all (or almost all) homo sapien magnetica..... electric, in a way... and science is just now beginning to understand how to utilize that capability....but don't mess with real electricity, because that can flick the eternal 'off' switch for good and kill you.

and then you'll never know how all this ends....
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