Thursday, May 16, 2013


OK...this is new to us. we HAD to do it this way. PLEASE watch the trailer or click on ~>YOU TUBE STUFF   We gonna polish things up and be a book one day soon. But you can wander the mines right here. 1,000 episodes up now and more will continue appearing nightly. The trailer is...well, the trailer, like at the movies. After you see it...PLEASE SCROLL to the never before seen episode below. We're going for an Eli Roth vibe. Thank you for your support. If you'd like a one or two click route to ALL of our episodes, click on this ~> THIS .. and kindly favor us with a COMMENT... your LINKS will appear with it too. We're trying to get new and modern...BOY are we trying.... OK, now remember...1st the video, then scroll down to the episode (or click on OLDER POST down at the bottom. It was supposed to go up last night, but we accidentally broke a STUMBLEUPON rule and almost died.. No, really. We depend on them for traffic and almost had a heart attack.... I am not kidding. Now, the pixilazted night-folk of Philadelphia... currently in the mysterious Jersey Pines... await....

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