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Billy Kravitz' vampire wonderland: en ... NOBODY DO PARANORMAL LIKE THE VAMPIRE WONDERLAND ... 5/18/13

Billy Kravitz' vampire wonderland: en: OK...this is new to us. we HAD to do it this way. PLEASE watch the trailer or click on ~> YOU TUBE STUFF    We gonna polish things up an...We had to set this post up like this, because they said it would help off set the traffic we lost. StumbleUpon banned THE VAMPIRE WONDERLAND because I just posted each episode and didn't engage much with the other kids. I didn't know. I thought I was being 'home blogged.' But i'll tell you a little about what happened in the Pines tonight anyway.

The juvenile weird and wonderful set (I'm talking about Little Bastid Annie, Pin Head Mel and Horsey Skeezix) found their own ghost too. He was a young one, only de-body-ized for like six months. Some guy from North Jersey. Found him sitting on a rock, like a macabre tableau in a fun house. Had a big gash in his chest... right down the middle. Looked like he was takin' a break from getting his heart operated on. Just sat there, with his head cocked to the side. You know. The way dogs sit. Annie didn't know he was a ghost at first. But seeing as how he was so mangled up, there really weren't too many other alternatives.

And it was dark. I don't know where the light came from. But there's always a little bit of silvery shadow bouncing around in them woods. Like magic what got trapped, or life without no body. See a lot a that 'round there.  Annie goes over. She runs her hand through his midsection. She pulls it out, smells her fingers and goes - Ewww. Horsey Skeezix whispers - Dead, right?... The stringy haired, little vampirina nods. Pin Head Mel don't say much. He just sits down on the ground and starts pickin' a scab. He got a lot a scabs, 'cause he ain't careful.  Once he ate a light bulb. Think it's still in him. Mama called the doctor. The doctor said -  Shit, that kid gone wind up dead.... But so far, he ain't wound up that way. 

Annie wants the ghost to talk. She shows him her fangs. She tries to sublimate up off the dirt. Sometimes she's good at that. Sometimes she can fly. But only sometimes. This ain't one a them times, so she crashes back down, butt first on the ground. Pin Head Mel likes that. He laughs. She tells him to go to hell. Horsey Skeezix stands off to the side with a studied equine grace... quite the figure with his faun-like body and folded dragon wings (he prefers 'dragon wings' to bat wings). The young Jersey Devil studies the ghost. Then he says - Look, he's moving his eyes..... Pin Head Mel goes - Yeah, movin'...  Annie waves her arms in front of his face and yells - Hey! Dead bastid! What's wrong with you? Who the hell are you?!.... Horsey Skeezix doesn't like when she talks like that. He and his kind have higher standards.  The young spirit on the rock reaches into his chest and pulls out his heart. It's still shiny. But that's only a ghostly illusion... Then he quietly says - Here, you want it?..... Annie shakes her head 'no.' ..... So he shrugs , wrings it out and puts it back... That's OK - he says. Nobody did..... The little vampirina girl, who knows a bit of paranormal chicanery, says - Your chest really torn up, or is that just like one a them pictures, like a sacred heart a Jesus thing?.... Ghost says - Like that. I think, therefore, I am..... Pin Head Mel says - I think I gotta pee.... Annie (she gettin' real antsy by now, 'cause she wanna find out things) yells - Then get in them bushes and pee, you putrid son of a bitch!.... So he does. Then can hear the water patter on the grass.

Horsey Skeezix  steps in closer and whispers - Why you here?..... The ghost mimics him--- Why'm I here!? Why'm I here!? Because I died here, you dumb, shit..... How? - said Annie..... I don't wanna talk about it - says the ghost. But lemme ask you a question. You, you, vampire girl. You from here, or from outside?..... From outside. From Philly - says Annie..... Yeah, she just a 'shoobie' - says the Pin Head. Who by now was back from his mission..... Ghost seems interested. Says - you ever go to the movies?..... She goes - Yeah, Sarah takes me. Why? You in one?..... But he just smiles, 'cause he had a story what got away from him.... and now it's makin' money for somebody else.....

That's why he drove the way he did. Didn't mean to smash hisself up. But didn't mean not to either. Tells Annie what he wrote. Asks her if she seen it..... She goes - Yeah, 'round Christmas time. Why? But he just sets there cryin'. Sound mighty strange when a ghost cry..... like a tired banshee keening in the night. Then he sniff back all his spirit tears (real to him) and whispers - Wanna go see the car? It's wrecked and all crapped up, but I can show you..... She nods. The others are interested too..... So he gets up. Who knows how long he been sittin' there. And leads them into the thick, sharp brush. You know, ghost don't mind no brambles. But even little vampirinas feel pain. Still, they wanna see what he gonna show 'em, so they go...makin' faces and wincing the whole way...

A hundred and forty four heartbeats later it's there, down in a ditch and wrapped around a tree. Slide off one a them fire access roads. He must a got lost. Ghost motions them over. Taps on the window and says - Look..... The three unusual, juvenile specimens press in, peering through the near absolute darkness.... Ghost goes - Don't be scared. That's just me.... And they see the desiccated, mildewed corpse smiling back at them. But it ain't happy. Them what dead a long time always look like that. Pin Head Mel starts to cry. Jersey Devil kid puts his arm around him.... But Annie just looks... And the spirit does too.

I can't tell you more tonight. Dawn comin' up. Maybe forty minutes.. Maybe forty five minutes. I myself am a disembodied spirit too. We been narratin' a lot a these episodes. Some a you know that. An' we lose energy in the light.

So come back tomorrow. I'll still be here.

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