Saturday, June 1, 2013

Cast of Les Miserables performs at the Oscars (Full Performance!!) ( the film if u haven't seen it. Our closing act tonight. SPEAKS VOLUMES about the VAMPIRES we write about... 6/01/13

The air conditioning wouldn't work. That happens, even to vampires. Jonathon sat out in the small back garden cooling himself with a tiny, plastic, battery powered fan.  Edith drank glass after glass of Sunny-Delight.  And Annie fidgeted. She said - I wanna go to 'Lantic City. TV lady said it's not so hot there.... And she whined, but no one answered. Conrad was out wandering the aisles of an all-night supermarket and Leo was off tormenting somebody. 

I suppose they could have gone to a hotel, though sometimes night-folk suffer from a crippling ennui. They sit and they stare and they ponder. Sarah wasn't there. She was off with the vampire grandmother and her eighty or ninety year old mortal grandchildren, getting a nice bathing suit with a little skirt for the 'girl' and some kind of trunks for the 'boy' so they could go to the roof-top pool of a nearby condominium and dunk themselves a few times. What are you gonna do? They were a family. You think people forget once they cross over? You think vampires just walk away from it all? Yeah, a few do... bastids.... assholes.... Most ain't like that. They funnel money to parents in Cremona, or threaten an Agent in L.A.. They stay involved.  Then, after a few decades, everybody dies... and then they set out to save the world, just like a farmer 'culling' his herd. That's what Jonathon does. That's what a lot of them do. This isn't a new thing. Vampires didn't start five hundred years ago, or four thousand years ago, or two thousand years ago. They've always been there.... a 'shadow humanity' waiting in the darkness. Look at 'Papa.' He's twenty eight thousand years old. But he isn't here now. 'Papa' is gone and no one knows where. And soon Sarah will be too. 

Edith and Annie will stay together. They'll have money... more than enough. Jonathon will see to that.  Perhaps Conrad will remain with them? wilkravitz will too. He's all agitated... can't sleep... nervous. Feels lost 'cause he couldn't 'sell' this. Wants to get the story out there. Told everybody it was real. Said so right from the beginning. You know... That line.... That first line... 'First of all, we must agree that what comes next is fiction...'  And he didn't white-wash anything. Go back to the early parts. It's all there. The pit. The two girls. The mortal line. The 'blood' line.... They fall off the wagon once in a while. Blameless people have died too. And still he wants to change the world...... 'Change the world'.... Do you know how hard it is to paint a house? 

So the train jumps the track. But the rails still remain. One night he'll come back, to the 'cause' I mean. Perhaps he'll be a paladin, taking on individual injustices along the way..... killing a cruel boss... propping up a wavering hero.

Oh, Philadelphia won't be without night-folk. Like I said, Conrad and Leo....Blackie and Minnie... Is Minnie still living?... I don't know..... And Baylah will be here. you know, she has so much more to say. 

And don't forget The Pines.... The New Jersey Pine Barrens are real. And they are there and they are waiting.... A vast expanse of mystery deep in the heart of Megalopolis, the biggest city the world has ever known....... You've seen ads for SWAMP MURDERS?...... Please..... That's all I'm going to say.

I'm Doctor Franklin and these hot, summer days are my 'season.' I wander 'round the city in a long vest and knee britches posing for photographs with smiling tourists waiting for their table at City Tavern. When the buzzer goes off they are gone. Put in the right pocket, it's more than a buzzer. Heh, heh, heh. You know me. 

Now I've got to go back to my compound. The specimens need food. And The Grand Armonica needs tuning.

But answer me this~~~> After staying with us for more than 700,000 words, will you ever look at vampires the same way again?

They hope and they dream, just like you do... But they take everything so much more to heart. 

Oh, the story isn't ending. The story never will. But you know what I mean.

You know, there's a short, tight, polished-up version of this. wilkravitz wrote it. I think it's for the screen. PHILADELPHIA AFTER DARK, he calls it. More coherent. More linear. The characters are a bit different. I believe Jonathon is a Scotsman in that one.

But it has a line at the end, when a certain much loved vampire finally wins his death. Just before his body ignites, he sighs and says - Look for me in the knowing eyes of a child. I have been among the dead too long..... Then his ashes dance up into the sky like snowflakes and mingle with the stars...

Now listen to the song down below... and know what night-folk really are.
THE VAMPIRE WONDERLAND ... your comments are welcome. good night

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