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2013 Summer Movie Preview..all the GOOD STUFF, right here.. plus a bit of our 700,000plus word opus... no, really...700,000 words...BIENVENIDO AL MUNDO VAMPIRISMO ... 6/02/13

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This is Jonathon. I travel further afield now. Sometimes I stay away for nights at a time. My life is simple. I hide in caves, or deep below the surface of dark, murky lakes. It's cool and I like that. A life-eater requires no oxygen. Breath is just a reflex. Although we do need air to speak.... physically, at least. Maybe one night we'll experiment with telepathy so you can see what that's like. 

I am the 'man in the dark.' I am 'the night friend.' Some just say 'the man.' Those sensitive enough to feel me, whisper - The man comes this way.... And then they grin knowingly, for someone gonna die. A bad seed will be plucked out. An evil soul will be removed... The path will be cleared. 

Many of you already know me from my nights in Philadelphia. You know the others, both mortal and everlasting. But that is not the norm. Vampires have other lives far from the hearths of men and divorced from human 'comforts.'  'Papa' knows. He's seen glaciers melt and cities fall. And he's tasted the blood of tribes just barely human. 

My ministrations are clean and discreet. A creak upon the stair... A tap at the cellar door. Perhaps you live in the country and return from a night in town? You turn down a dark, dirt road and quietly come to a stop by an isolated farm house. It's lonely. None whisper, but the trees. You look up. The sky seems immense and terrifying. And in an infinite universe, where all things are possible, who's to say an unseen force can't rip you out of this plane and put you someplace else?... Perhaps hurtling toward the 'surface' of the sun, or writhing on the cold, dry sands of Mars? You think it's never happened???... No, you hope it's never happened. 

But I am there, waiting in the starlight.... a shadow in the dark. You freeze. You stare. You doubt. Then you hurry toward the door. But the air seems to thicken and joints hold fast. Reality grows heavy and movement slows. You know the feeling from childhood dreams. Maybe they were premonitions? 

My touch is subtle and spider-like. You gasp and plead and cry, as I slowly savor your stink. But I don't say a thing. I never respond. And when it's time, usually after you've voided your bowels and emptied your bladder (death comes easier when the body is relaxed), I take your life and banish you from this realm. Where do you go? I don't know. I'm not privy to that. I think some combust upon a dark world, far beyond the center of creation... a desolate place held in the grip of a dead, black star. No light. No sound. No horizon.... Out beyond the farthest galaxy.... a cinder, lost and alone. A solitude like none other.

But that's just what I think.... the merest speculation. For I am not The shepherd, but the sheepdog.....

And I have flocks to tend.....
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