Tuesday, June 11, 2013


I want you to know my name is George - said the tattoo man...... Jonathon answered - I know that. I know many things. Do you know the price of saffron in the souks of Al Cadiz, or where to buy a slave in Old Mumbai? Well, I do. And I know what you did to people. Quite the good artist, I must say. A 'gorilla' woman. (points to Tillie) Her brother, the 'rag doll.'..... Not a rag doll - goes George. A scarecrow. A scarecrow. There's symbolism involved. It means something.......

Tillie hugged her knees and rocked back and forth. She wanted to kill him. Had a sharpened, metal ruler in her purse, with a real, keen edge, just like a giant razor. Did it herself with a 'honing' stone. Got the idea from an old Billy Bob Thornton movie. Tested it on her mother's old mink stole. Tore it to shreds. Jonathon knew she had it. Vampires pick up things. Not everything. But a lot. People's brains are like attics to him. Sometimes he finds stuff. Sometimes he don't give a shit. Yeah, justice matters. But vampire justice is a little more sticky and twisted (well, just a little bit) than what the cops and courts dish out. Still, he wants let this one talk, so he says - You got  anything to say?

Tattoo man swallows, thinks for a moment and nods. His face is all clammy. Hair's all damp and greasy. It's the heat. It's the weather. It's the humidity.  Couple lightning bugs switch on and off. Little itchy critters do their own mini-vampire ballet. Tillie shudders. They biting her real good. Then it starts to drizzle. Jonathon says - There's a rustic, little pavilion over there for picnickers. Get up. Let's go. So they do and gather 'round an old, rough picnic table.

Can I talk? Is it all right if I say something? - asks the tattoo man.... Jonathon gestures, as if to say 'go ahead.' Tillie rests her head on her arms, like kids to during 'chill out' time in school.

Guy goes - I know you're probably going to kill me. But, like a part of me thinks if a supernatural 'thing' like you can exist, what else is out there? What comes after? And you know what? I think something does come after....... Tillie says - Yeah, and you're gonna burn, you bastid..... Guy goes - No, I don't think I am. Might feel a lot of pain. I'll know what being all inked up feels like. But they don't burn people and it don't last forever..... 

Jonathon quietly responds - Oh, some people burn. You think those who boiled Renaissance scholars in  tall, thin urns of brimstone and pitch escape the heat themselves? No, they don't. The way I see it, what God says, or whatever representative we deal with, is 'Look what you did. See it and feel it.'.......In that way we expiate our sins. I've fallen off the wagon. Not often. But I have. And when it comes time for me to 'shuffle off to Buffalo' I'll pay the piper too..... (and then he smiled)...

How 'bout the ones who tortured me? What's gonna happen to the producer in Los Angeles who screwed me? What's gonna happen to the agent who knows he did it, but wouldn't say a word, 'cause he don't wanna get kicked out of the club? You know what that feels like? I used to run to the movies at least three times a week. I saw everything. Thought of it like an education. Thought it would improve my writing. Two books. We actually had two books. Graphic novels. Old Prague. Intrigue. Kafkaesque. They were good... And the movies were pretty good too...... Tillie mumbles - I know. I saw 'em...... Guy goes - See? Only we didn't get any credit. No house in Malibu. Not even a summer rental. And the agent dropped me too. I don't think I could walk into a movie place now. I'd throw up. And not 'cause a the roach crap in the pop corn..... Then he just sits there, sniffs a few times and says - James Franco played the guy, the 'Kafka' guy. Only he's not really Kafka, but like Kafka. And they said, the Los Angeles people, I mean, that it's all in the execution. A script means nothing. An idea means nothing. We mean nothing. I mean nothing. You mean nothing.... You know who got the place in Malibu? Somebody's niece. No, no, it was somebody's step-daughter. Yeah, step-daughter. Something like that. It's always something like that. So I started to think, what the hell. Somebody screws me, they're gonna suffer... And Tattoo Man was born. Shame you're gonna kill me, 'cause he'd a made a real good movie....... Then he broke down and cried.

Nobody said a word. I suppose he would a tatted up the bastids in L.A., if he had the money to go back out there. Should a sold the tattoo equipment. But then he wouldn't have that. So it's like a 'catch 22.'

Started to rain a little harder. Cooled things off a bit. Tillie made a toot. Then she said - Excuse me.... Tattoo guy got a fit a laughing.

Tillie goes - You gonna kill him? 

But Jonathon was thinkin', so he didn't answer.

(more tomorrow)
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