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The Internship Rapid Fire EXCLUSIVE Vince Vaughn Interview (2013) - Movi... HOT MOVIE TRAILERS produced this winner...SEE It and then...visit our part of the forest.

Whew! Every time they let me add copy UNDER these stellar clips I get SO HAPPY! Not too digitally savvy and usually wind up with the clip down at the bottom, but not tonight. Hope you enjoy this fast, smart interview and pass it on to your people. Everybody in 'the industry' really likes Vince Vaughn. Fans like him too. Watch and see why. He's genuine and it shows. 

And now let me take you to the place where the paranormal IS normal... Bienvenido al MUNDO VAMPIRIDO...

Tillie has a brother. He mostly stays in the house. Actually, he almost always stays in the house. Sometimes he'll come out and sit on the back porch, but only when it's real late and real dark. They bought him these binoculars and he likes to look at the moon... and sometimes Mars... and sometimes Jupiter. 

Daytime people can't see him, because when they do, they want to throw up and run away.... even little kids. 

Once he accidentally crossed a guy in some bar. Just a regular local place. You know, with knotty pine walls... little cozy booths  and squeaky, round bar stools. He don't even know what he said or did. It just happened. But when he left, the guy smashed him over the head with one of those red plaid, old thermos bottles they been sellin' for the last seventy years. Think it was filled with Dinty Moore beef stew. 

Next thing he knows, the brother, I mean, he wakes up in a cramped, but clean, surgical space wearing a 'full suit' body tattoo.... even his face. Oh, the guy don't want to kill him. He knows tattooing can potentially destroy sweat glands, so he works little bare spots into the design every few centimeters or so to let out all the perspiration. Now he's Raggedy Andy. Had red hair to begin with... a very authentic touch, what with the black stitched mouth and all. Got the blue over-alls... the bright checked shirt. Look like he wearin' an anatomically correct body suit with a clearly visible denim weave. Tattoo guy was good. Nobody knows who he was. Nobody knows where he went. But everybody knows what he did. Dumped Tillie's brother out on the road.... Just like that.... No skivvies... No straw hat... No bandanna.... No nothin', 'cept for a little phrase on a white handkerchief hangin' out his left, back pocket. If you look close, it says 'If I only had a brain.'

Sure only five or six people actually seen him, but they ran around tellin' all the rest. Want to make him a scarecrow in the Halloween corn maze. Tried it one time, but the site operator said he put folks off their feed and nobody bought any hot apple cider and pumpkin pie.

So now he sits in the house yellin' answers at the TV screen during JEOPARDY and that 'Vanna Gonna Turn the Letter' game. Not much of a life if it weren't for the Orville Redenbacker Popcorn and store brand ricotta cheese they bring him from a market out on the highway.

Tillie wanna get the guy what done it. Ouija board say he tat up five other folks too. Not close by, but like within a seventy five mile radius. Made one fat lady into a gorilla woman. Turned a preacher to a gargoyle. Don't know what he did to the rest of 'em. Ouija board wouldn't say. It basically a very lazy Ouija board, if you ask me. 

She didn't wanna tell Jonathon 'bout it 'cause family like to make like it never happen. They eat with him. Couple times they go to drive-in movie with him. They use to it. But she know how sad it make him. He try growin' a beard. But it red and that only make him look like a pervert albino in some nasty lookin', form fitting Jethro Bodine get -up. An' even then, he still got them red, disc, button eyes and all.

But now her vampire boyfriend know. Oh, he did have vision 'bout some evil painter guy he gotta kill, but now he know what he been paintin'. And if that Ouija board get its fat ass out that old box and go to work, maybe they know where he live too. Central Pennsylvania got a whole mess a real pretty, little towns

An' one gone play host to a vampire...
(come back tomorrow night an' we tell you some more...)
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