Friday, June 14, 2013

Thor: The Dark World Official Trailer #1 (2013) - Chris Hemsworth, Natal...DESTROY the turkey with your bare hands THIS THANKSGIVING and throw the bones to the hounds. .. See the trailer and commune with our night-folk after 6/14/13

Tried to post the clip up at the top, but some nights the demi-gods defy us and we've learned to pick our battles. Does THOR seem like a peculiar choice for a 'Holiday' film? Well, he does hail from a cold, icy climate, so maybe he's Santa Claus' neighbor? We of THE VAMPIRE WONDERLAND do not judge. Looks like a good picture, just right for the dark chill time between candy corn and mince meat....Enjoy..

And now our story (don't worry, the movie clip is down there)... The thousand year old organism, known as Jonathon, or Tomas, take your pick, walked along the narrow pathway. Seemed to be more an old Indian trail than anything else. Every so often deer, raccoon, bobcats or other unidentified life forms peeked out to mark his passage. Vampires love the woods. They relish the shadows and the cool, damp decay. Tomas was no different. But of course, if you've been with us for a while, you know that from the time spent in The Pines. And now, he's gone feral. First went the shoes. Then the shirt. Then the jeans and everything else. The lithe, young native of old Al-Andaluz vaulted through the tree tops, savoring the starry skies. He flew with owls, slicing through the ether as they soared on silent wings. One proved to be an old acquaintance from his time in Bohemia and was quite pleased to see him. The fastidious raptor offered him a sleek, nocturnal rodent. Tomas thanked him, but declined. 

He slept in old dead trees, slipping in through friable cracks down near the dirt (where they usually occur) and shimmied toward a tighter berth up in the dark. How natural. How comforting. Like a spider in a cave. And he dreamed of earlier times, some mortal, some not, occasionally muttering to himself in Old Vahmperigo (a vampire dialect like Castilian or Catalunia). At night he bathed by moonbeams  in still, cold, sylvan pools. His long, dark, wavy hair smelled like summer.  And he ran with small, trim wolflings. Coyotes, I think you call them. The cubs called him 'uncle,' and snuggled up for kisses.

Sarah knew where he was. They had a bond. Distance means nothing. Words mean nothing. He hears her heart and she hears his. Will they ever reunite? Of course. But they're vampires and solitary sojourns are quite natural. 

But Jonathon, known as Tomas, isn't always by himself. Campers play here too, not many, but some. At night, while they sleep, he visits them. And certain dreaming camperinas play hostess to an incubus, or succubus. I can never remember which is which. Who cares? It does not matter. 

There are towns nearby. He visits them to feed. Well, so far only once, first sublimating into a shuttered store for clothing. Mustn't shock anybody after all. I don't know who he ate. But I'm sure the food was good... and delightfully rich and evil.

Now there are night-folk live like this forever.... 'forest wraiths'... 'windago' they call them.  But I don't think Jonathon, also known as Tomas, will.....

The gnomes are taking bets. Oh, and if you missed last night's episode. Please scroll back and read it. I want you to know what gnomes are really like.  Fairy tales can come true. They can happen to you....

That's why you gotta be careful....
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And now... the clip... Ladies and Gentlemen..... 'Thor.'

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